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Is it time your dog went to school?

Jessie almost 4 weeks in foster care, bjut styill could benefit from training.
Jo Ann Wentzel

Most pet owners love their pets, flaws and all. They accept that some dogs, should read most dogs, are not perfect. They have issues and problems, quirks and bad traits. We love them anyway but, wouldn’t it be nice if they were better behaved so we could do anything without them without worrying and take them anywhere with us?

The answer is simple. They need training and so do you. Training is worthwhile as it makes both your lives easier. It ensures more fun and more safety for your pets.

Well-behaved pets, like well-behaved children are more welcome more places. They are a pleasure to bring with you all the time. This idea is at the foundation of having a life-long bond with a pet.

So what types of training are out there? There are probably unlimited types of training, but we will start with one place that I am working with most closely.

All Breeds Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs has numerous classes which address many problems. They are located at 20 Mountview Lane in Suites B & C here in Colorado Springs. Call 719-264-6460.

Dogs can be adopted or fostered through All Breeds from many other shelters and the humane society of Pikes Peak region. One of their biggest jobs is to take these what someone considered un-adoptable animals and prepare them for forever homes and that means training.

For the new puppy aged 6 to 22 weeks old, there is a course called Puppy Raising 101. This is an ongoing course so can be started any time. It focuses on socialization and the development at this age. This is a 6 week course and costs $130.

Puppy Elementary is for those puppies aged 20 weeks to 11 months. This 8 week course teaches your puppy life-saving behaviors with the teaching of cues. Cost is $140.

Next is a Foundation Course geared to learning cues(commands) and undoing annoying behaviors. This 8 week course also is $140.

There is a six week course called Walk with Me for $120 which teaches good leash manners which can also be a huge safety issue.

Another important safety course is Total Recall which ensures your dog will come quickly and reliably every time called. This course is for age 1 and older dogs and clovers7 weeks for $140

There are many more courses All Breeds offer for fun, safety and to use your dog in the roll of a therapy dog. They will even train the trainer so parents can go back to school with their furry children.

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