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Is it time to upgrade your Kindle?

The new series of Kindle ebook readers and tablets may have you wondering if it is time to upgrade your Kindle. It is tempting. The Kindle Fire HDX is a sweet little tablet that rivals the iPad. The new ebook readers have better glare resistance and you can really read them outdoors. But what if you have an older Kindle? Should you upgrade? It all depends on how you use your Kindle device.

Kindle Fire options

The Kindle Fire has gone through some amazing changes. The Kindle Fire HDX is nothing like the first generation Kindle Fire. Comparing the two is like comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Ferrari. The speed and processing capabilities of the new Kindle Fire HDX generation blows away the first generation Kindle. If you are into gaming, love to stream movies and music, and use your Kindle Fire for email and some work applications, then you need to upgrade to the HDX family of Kindle devices. The HDX series sports a quad core processor, dual wifi adapters, 4G compatibility, a camera and a microphone. You can choose from 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal storage. The screen is true HD, not like the original Kindle Fires.

However, if you are just using the Kindle Fire for a few games, occasional videos and movies, and you love the interactive magazines, then stay with your older Kindle device. Truth be known, I am cheap. While I would love a Kindle HDX, my first generation Kindle suits me well. The only issue I have is that I occasionally run out of room and have to back things off to the cloud. There was an issue with using Library to Go, but my local library showed me how to get around that issue. Overall, there is no reason for me to upgrade unless I feel the need for true HD video quality. I plan on using this one until it dies. Then I will upgrade.

Kindle ebook readers

The Kindle ebook reading devices are wonderful. They give you the ability to read outdoors—something the Kindle Fire devices lack. The quality is just like reading a book. For people who just want an ebook reader, you cannot beat the Kindle Paperwhite series. They have the best overall page quality, and they are affordable. There is no comparison between the page quality on the original Kindle and Kindle DX, and the new Paperwhites.

In addition to being lighter in weight, and having 3G capability, the Kindle Paperwhites have lights that enable reading at night, and they have a much higher screen resolution than the previous Kindle ebook readers. Because the cost of the Paperwhite is rather affordable, I would recommend upgrading. The only reason not to upgrade to a Paperwhite is if you are currently using a Kindle DX and like the screen size. The Paperwhite screen is much smaller.

So, should you upgrade? When my first generation Kindle Fire finally gives off its last spark, I will gladly upgrade to the latest and greatest Kindle Fire available. However, if you love new technology then go ahead and get a new one. I have had a chance to play with them, and they are really cool. I just cannot justify buying a new one when my old Kindle Fire still fits my needs.

Lynda Altman loves her Kindle Fire. She uses her Kindle on a daily basis for business and pleasure. Lynda has integrated her Kindle into her homeschooling curriculum. She feels that you can get almost any book for free on the Kindle. Get notices when this page is updated by clicking on the subscribe link, by email, or contact Lynda @fusgeyer on Twitter.

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