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Is it time to Impeach?

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Is it time to Impeach?

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About a year ago, May 11, 2013, the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, introduced the sign pictured lower left. [ ]

Within six months of Obama’s reelection, the public was already dissatisfied with Obama’s unconstitutional activities and were embracing impeachment. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and the GOP progressive leadership refused to entertain any suggestion that Obama should be removed from office. Instead, the Republican Party had chosen to attack the Tea Party and the people who embrace them. Today, the Town Criers, appeared on the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for the 126th time. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at] The Town Criers reported today that support, among the national audience on St. George Street, for impeachment of Obama continues to be a steady and growing phenomenon. The recent Benghazi disclosures have infuriated the general public. They all want justice, now!

Benghazi plays like Watergate

This reporter remembers the Washington Post’s relentless assault on Richard Nixon and the Watergate incident. Richard Nixon’s downfall was his role in the cover-up. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and the establishment media are not covering the Benghazi cover-up. Much to the surprise of those in the Tea Party movement, Fox news seems preoccupied with exposing the White House cover-up where four Americans were killed in Benghazi. It feels like Watergate. Incriminating emails from Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes exposed the Obama White House’s attempt to construct a misleading narrative about why the attack happened. They blamed it on the video. Because of the new revelations, Speaker Boehner, under pressure from conservatives, announced the formation of a ‘select committee’ of Congress, to investigate. Fox News, beating the drum all along, re-started a blitzkrieg attack on Obama, Hillary and Rice. There have been several special reports with numerous timelines and sound bites. Yet, no one made a more impressive call to action than Judge Jeanine Pirro. Her opening statement on May 3rd was a blistering attack on Barack Obama in which she suggests that he be impeached.
The Town Crier’s experience with the national audience they encounter in St. Augustine, Florida, clearly, shows a strong desire to remove Barack Obama from office. While Democrats claim that Benghazi is not of interest to the public, the folks on St. George Street, not only prove otherwise, but also show that the Benghazi issue is not going away and will never be forgotten. “My God, four Americans died, and no one tried to help them. And, it all appears to lead to the White House,” exclaimed a visitor from New York.

It is interesting to observe the Town Crier’s reaction to the occasional hard-core leftist assaults. Today, a woman suggested that the Tea Party should give Obama a pass on Benghazi, because Bush had similar failures in Iraq. Going straight to the point, the Criers declared, “We dislike Bush as much as Obama.” This completely unhinged her talking points position which was to encourage a Republican, Democratic, confrontational discussion. Looking to another sign, she saw, “White House is infested with Communists”. An old reliable talking point for the left was interjected, “You don’t know what a Communist is”, she said. The prompt reply from the Crier was, “I’m looking at one”. At which point the Town Crier continued with, “Look here, Folks, a Communist, right here in our midst.” The woman never denied the claim, but scurried off after being exposed. “Hard-core leftists are not open for conversation. They can be identified by their talking points. It’s time we stand up, challenge them and expose them. The survival of our Country is at stake,” a Tea Party spokesman said.