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Is it time to Impeach President Obama?

Obama pushes health care reform
Obama pushes health care reform
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Despite growing concerns over escalating national debt, president Obama persists in attempting to expand government controlled National Health Care to further bankrupt America. Whereas Health care reform is an important issue that needs to be addressed, it is not an issue that should be foremost on our agenda. Rather than spend time on important issues such as tax relief and building the number of jobs in America, president Obama continues to dither around spending all of the efforts of Congress on government control of Health Care which the public does not want. The consequence of this action has severe implications on the financial solvency of America. The actions of bribing congressmen to influence their votes and violating the constitution by adopting a new law to impose government health care on all Americans through reconciliation may be an impeachable offense.
According to Dean John D. Feerick of Fordham University School of Law, in an article published in 1984,
"Most authorities agree--and the precedents are in accord--that an impeachable offense is not limited to conduct which is indictable. Conduct that undermines the integrity of a public office or is in disregard of constitutional duties or involves abuse of power is generally regarded as grounds for impeachment."
It appears that president appears to be abusing his power by forcing through health care reform to the detriment of the country and in a manner that violates the constitution which requires a 2/3 vote and not a simple majority (or reconciliation).
It appears that Obama is not listening to the American public who do not want their current system of health care to be overhauled and in the control of the government bureaucracy. In order to give the illusion that the health care reform bill is deficit neutral the government will be collecting taxes to pay for it 4 years before it even goes into effect. Others question the constitutionality of forcing citizens to buy health care insurance. This is not the role of the federal government. This reform will be by no means deficit neutral and will lead to the end of the current health care system that we enjoy in America. A government which can't even run the post office in an efficient and profitable manner is now going to overtake our entire health care system and destroy it too? Perhaps it's time to pull back on the reins and put an end to the tactics of this radical in the White house. Impeachment might be the answer.
Despite an attempt for a 100% democrat partisan vote to pass Obama health care reform, the bill did not pass. Despite the upset election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts who vowed to filibuster against Obama Health Care, Obama still won't listen to the desires of the American voter. Although they currently have a political majority, many democrats understand that forcing this bill to pass by reconciliation and against the public's wishes will be political suicide. Many democrats have announced their upcoming resignation from office because of their lack of faith in the president and his career crushing radical agenda. Obama on the other hand ignores the American citizen and persists with his radical agenda. Evidently his radical ideological views are more important than his re-election. Obama's smugness an arrogance are apparent by his unwillingness to scrap the health care reform bill and consider more bipartisan participation with more sensible issues such as tort reform, and portability across state lines. We can achieve reform without government takeover.
President Obama's decision to force the health care bill through is a violation of the US constitution. It includes bribery of certain state senators. It will destroy our health care system. It will severely burden our faltering economy for years to come. This year, the federal government has expanded to the largest number of employees ever. Where will we find the taxes enough to pay for this bureaucratic monstrosity? When does Obama's radical agenda and his turning a deaf ear to the American public rise to the level that we need to consider his impeachment to bring back sanity to the White house? He is surrounded by socialists and communists in the White house by his own appointment. He pushes his own Democrat party colleagues to walk the plank on political issues and he will stoop to any unconstitutional tactic to force his radical socialist agenda despite the disapproval of the American public and the Congress. Perhaps it's time to consider impeachment before he causes more financial damage to our country. His radical socialist agenda is un-American.



  • cloudninegirl 5 years ago

    Obama is a Satanic tool.

  • Brian 5 years ago

    As much as I like the sound of that idea, the reality is it takes a 2/3 vote to remove the man....not possible right now I'm afraid. Besides, who would replace him? Biden? OMG. Peloisi? Yikes!! Best to vote as many of these Lib's as possible in 2010, then take over in 2012. 2010 elections are especially important to stop/ slow this agenda down.

  • Eleri 5 years ago

    This country is rapidly descending into a fascist state, with Obama & Friends orchestrating the whole thing. It's time for a major overhaul of the government. Our civil liberties are being stolen every single day, and we are too busy being spoon-fed total lies by our media to pay attention. Wake up America! We need to get Obama out quick.

  • Will T 5 years ago

    The definition of Fascism is no where near what Obama's trying to do but much closer to what is already in place. We live in a time where only what is good for the fat cats is what gets passed. The conservatives act as if the big corporations are just victims to the populous movement and need to be protected from the needs of the people.

    We've given tax breaks to the rich, did the country as a whole benefit? We've cut back severely on regulation, how did that turn out?

    I don't want government making my television, but I don't want highway robbery when it comes to the health of our nation.

    Who exactly are you protecting?

    Oh and Satanic tool? seriously it would be easier to take the conservatives seriously if their mouthpieces weren't shock jocks and ratings whores.

  • #1 Republian. 5 years ago

    Everyone nows he hates America!!!! Also he is from Kenyan. Watch Fox news and lern the truth!!!!!

  • Dixie 5 years ago

    I'm sorry, but tort reform and buying across state lines? Is that really the best republicans have to offer? How does that help the millions who still can't afford health insurance in the first place, or those who can but have "pre-existing conditions". Or who, as soon as they get sick, all of a sudden find their premiums go up to a point where they can't afford it anymore? For a supposedly "Christian" country, this whole take care of yourself and don't worry about anyone else mentality is unreal. Did Jesus ask if the lepers and the blind were insured before he cured them? And I'm sorry, but impeaching a president for trying to care for the lower and middle class citizens of his country and giving the retarded douchebag before him who squandered a multibillion dollar budgetary surplus and led his country into an ill-advised military quagmire a free pass? The lack of logic is astounding.

  • SM 5 years ago

    This article is the worst piece of crap I have ever read.

  • dade county conservative examiner 5 years ago

    reply to Dixie,
    Thank you for your comments.There are many solutions to health care reform which I have addressed in five prior articles. Health care cost can be controlled in many ways being suggested by the republicans, but the dem's aren't listening. I believe tort reform alone will lead to less duplicate testing and less health care cost. Having the government run health care will be the most expensive option and quality of care will suffer. Why do you think Canadians are running across the border for their care? If Canada's free health care was so worthwhile, they wouldn't have to travel here. Also, all seriously ill indigents are seen and cared for for free in the emergency rooms and charitable hospitals, and clinics (such as Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami). So the notion that we are neglecting the indigents is simply not true. The democrats want to run healthcare for one simple reason. It brings us one step closer to socialism and vastly expands the government.

  • Dude 5 years ago

    I think President Obama's done nothing to benefit the country. He's had to power to make it better from the start, but I don't understand why he evades it all. He says he's going to help the poor and middle class - but what happens when just about everyone is poor? I can't get a freaking job because of this crap. Not even at McDonald's, WalMart, or others like those places. Why? Because unemployment is at an all time high due to a huge debt that President Obama gave us. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but it's frustrating when you have to worry all the time "how am I going to pay for that?" I'm only barely making something to get by.

    On the other hand, Brian made a point. Who's going to replace him if he's impeached? And would they be any better?

    I suppose the best to do is vote the best solution whenever given the opportunity, and wait out the storm. When elections come, we have to really look at who is going to lead us, and decide if they're real or not. For the United States, for

  • Louis McCarten 5 years ago

    Obama it seems is not just running an administration--he seems to be running a corrupt Communist politburo as though he inhabits a Communist dictatoship behind the Iron Curtain. I am simply aghast at this man and and his evil "socialist" cronies. His vile contempt for America, its Constitution, the American people, and the the rule of law (Obama still does not realize that he is NOT above the law) are among dozens of reasons that would indicate his impeachment is necessary. It also happens that the Obama Administration is the most corrupt in US history: even the Supreme Court is tainted. Not to worry: we still can and should impeach all members of the Obama Adminstration who are complicit in criminal activity namely Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and many others. We can hold a national emergency referendum to replace those people. And there is no shortage of qualified American to take the places of these disgraced officials. I say impeach now and keep this tool handy!

  • Hec 5 years ago

    An independent here and just have to say This man is a tyrant, and has no clue what the hell he is doing in office

  • quasimodem 5 years ago

    Your screed is nothing but the same tired talking points the GOP has been trotting out for years -- tort reform, tax cuts, blah blah blah.

    Tort reform will do little to control costs, and does nothing to increase access. The problem is not malpractice suits increasing costs for doctors, but staggering increases in premiums.

    Your team ran the country for eight years, taking a surplus and turning it into the biggest deficit in history, and driving the country off a cliff as well. Not to mention launching a costly and needless war that will cost us more than a trillion bucks. You your team had its chance, and pretty much broke every area of government. Mission accomplished!

    If everything is so terrific with the free-market approach that has driven health care to date, why is there a need for reform? We elected Obama for this. A majority of Americans *do* want reform.

    Time to shut up and let the grown-ups run things for a while. We had an election. You lost. Get over it.

  • Noam 5 years ago

    Obama was elected by a decisive majority. Bush was re-elected by a squeaker of a margin and claimed that he had a mandate. We elected Obama because we need health care reform, among other reasons. If you look at independent surveys (not Faux News) a clear majority of Americans want health care reform. A bill has been passed by a majority in Congress. What do you have against majority rule? Why does the GOP hate America?

    In comments here people claim that Obama is fascist and that he is socialist. You can't be both, as they're pretty much diametrically opposite. So make up your minds.

  • Noam 5 years ago

    Obama was elected by a decisive majority. Bush was re-elected by a squeaker of a margin and claimed that he had a mandate. We elected Obama because we need health care reform, among other reasons. If you look at independent surveys (not Faux News) a clear majority of Americans want health care reform. A bill has been passed by a majority in Congress. What do you have against majority rule? Why does the GOP hate America?

    In comments here people claim that Obama is fascist and that he is socialist. You can't be both, as they're pretty much diametrically opposite. So make up your minds.

  • Noam 5 years ago

    Obama was elected by a decisive majority. Bush was re-elected by a squeaker of a margin and claimed that he had a mandate. We elected Obama because we need health care reform, among other reasons. If you look at independent surveys (not Faux News) a clear majority of Americans want health care reform. A bill has been passed by a majority in Congress. What do you have against majority rule? Why does the GOP hate America?

    In comments here people claim that Obama is fascist and that he is socialist. You can't be both, as they're pretty much diametrically opposite. So make up your minds.

  • Seidenstricker 5 years ago

    The only thing more pathetic than this article are the conservative sheep who have responded since. I do have to give Rupert Murdoch credit, his down market approach to television has successfully brainwashed at least a third of the country. Joseph Gobbels himself couldn't have done it better than Mr. Murdoch.

  • kundanancy 5 years ago

    This is one of the best, most timely articles I've read lately. Right on target!
    I can't believe how stupid and uninformed some of these comments are! Most American's DON'T want government run health care, very few, if any, are denied basic medical care, and Obama is an unqualified quack who is quickly destroying everything this country stands for so he can be seen as one of the architects of the One World plan.

  • dt 5 years ago

    It's pretty easy to judge the value of a rant like this by the level at which it's written. So be objective, no matter what you think of Obama. This rant is written badly, and filled with lies that are nothing more that repetition of Fox news claptrap. Take any "fact" presented in this rant, and take the time to look it up, google it and see it for the fabricated disinformation that it is. This is unpatriotic, borderline treasonous garbage...and you can look it up. Examiner, you should be ashamed.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Great article and right on the money. It's past time to get Obama, Peloisi and all of the other socialist/communists out of government and return our country back. I doubt Obama will get impeached but I have no doubt he is a one term President and will go down in history as the worst President ever to reside in the White House. I just hope we can recover from the economic and social damage President clueless is inflicting on America.

  • Nicholas LeCompte 5 years ago

    "a manner that violates the constitution which requires a 2/3 vote and not a simple majority (or reconciliation)."

    What the heck are you talking about? Where does the Constitution require a 2/3rds vote for this? You're blatantly lying here, and you know it.

    By the way, do you want to see what REAL corruption in health care legislation looks like? Ezra Klein reminded us this week how the Republicans got Medicare Part D through in "Lessons from the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit vote." Some highlights:

    "Tom DeLay bribed Rep. Nick Smith to vote for the legislation, using the political future of Smith's son for leverage. DeLay was later reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee."

    "The chief actuary of Medicare, Rick Foster, had scored the legislation as costing more than $500 billion. The Bush administration suppressed his report, in a move the Government Accounting Office later judged 'illegal.'"

  • Frustrated in OHIO 5 years ago

    PLEASE, can't we get him out before he wipes us out? Really I can't take any more Government bills, I can't trust anyone in Washington.......Get Rid of The people who want to take away our freedom and our Rights......PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dixie 5 years ago

    Reply to the reply (and thank you for replying in the first place)
    I guess I should have mentioned... I *AM* Canadian. I've never run across the border for medical care, and neither has anyone I know.. including my father who has been afflicted with (and this is an abbreviated list)
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Colorectal Cancer
    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis C
    and, just for fun, kidney stones.
    In the US, he would have been immediately dropped from insurance (UC = pre-existing = goodbye) and he simply wouldn't have been able to afford treatment for all of these. He goes for monthly MRIs, semi-annual colonoscopies, liver biopsies, the list goes on. All of this provided in a timely manner, free of charge by our apparently socialist government, whenever he needs it. There are no "death panels", he doesn't have to wait in line at the DMV for his MRI, etc.
    You find me the uninsured single mother in Detroit who gets monthly MRIs and then well talk. Health shouldn't come with a mortgage. It'

  • Dixie 5 years ago

    And to Frustrated in Ohio:
    First of all, if you want to talk about taking away rights the Bush administration was guilty of countless acts of revoking your rights. What right is Obama taking away from you? The right to be charged up the wazoo for health insurance? The right to be arbitrarily dropped? And how is being HEALTHY without having to worry about how much it's going to cost you not a fundamental human right? Ask any doctor, stress and worry factor largely into 98% of illness, so logically taking one more stressor out of the equation should be a good thing.

  • Dixie 5 years ago

    Louis McCarten -
    Where was this indignation at being above the law when Bush et al just declared war without going through congress? It's pretty clear in the Constitution who has the right to declare war, and it isn't the President. And really now, the most corrupt in US history? Do I really need to beat the dead "Bush Administration" horse?

  • dade county conservative examiner 5 years ago

    Thank you all for the lively debate. with regard to Bush's decision to go to war, his recommendation was ratified by the Congress as is required by the Constitution. Congress could have blocked this decision if they chose to. In addition, most Americans like their current health care and would prefer that Congress start over rather than pass the horrible health care reform bill that will bankrupt our country. I believe that our health care system would improve with more programs directed at wellness and prevention rather than simply treatment of illness. I also believe that universal health care is great so long as you don't need to see the doctor. Once you do, waiting times are excessive, and there are no accomodations for you if you have chest pain and need surgery. You will simply have to wait in line and hopefully survive until your number is called. In reply to Nicholas, Congress has never passed a bill like this by simple majority (a 2/3 vote is required).

  • Dixie 5 years ago

    And thank you for providing us a forum for such lively debate.
    To reiterate, I live just north of you - with universal healthcare - and I have never known a friend or family member to be told they had to wait for their emergency bypass surgery. There's no red ticket dispenser for that. That's why they have "triage". They prioritize by need, not by pocketbook. Our system isn't perfect, but this "waiting list" argument is bogus.
    As for "most Americans", who are they? Some Reuters numbers:
    63 percent willing to pay for healthcare reform
    59% would like a public option as part of any final healthcare reform legislation
    NY Times poll: 85 percent of respondents said the health care system needed to be fundamentally changed
    AP Poll: Only 4% Of Americans Don’t Want Health Care Reform
    Harris Interactive poll: Only 30% were against Government-run healthcare.
    & on & on & on...
    If most Americans were happy with their current healthcare, this wouldn't even be a debate.

  • Larry the AMERICAN/Hispanic 5 years ago

    You ask the question, Is it time to impeach Obama? Well, I don't think it should have gotten to this point. How the heck did he get in? Too many New Black Panther Party members? No, those thugs couldn't do it. Just stupid, dumb and ignorant people. Ignorant is a harsh word but mean someone not informed or just not familiar with a subject or something. Well I submit to you that a lot of people fell into that category. Younger people admit now, they were wrong. People who believed in change were wrong and are sorry now. But mostly it was the takers like the Mexicans and blacks that won the election for Barry Soetoro Hussein, AKA, Barrack Obama. People don't want to think of blacks as prejudice because that's always been the white mans role or so they think. They saw a chance and took it. Like the Demos., a bunch of hypocrites. So are the Repubs. There are basically no good people left in Washington, D.C. So, what do we do about it. GET RID of THEM.PERIOD. Oh, they are afraid. L. Velasco

  • mikhail kryzhanovsky 4 years ago

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "Obama's impeachment: CIA, KGB and left-wing conspiracy "


    tel. 347-494-4235
    New York
    January 18, 2011

    VIDEO on YouTube

    "Barack Obama 2012: KGB Technology 2008"

    My personal situation and my deep concern about the U.S. national security pushed me to write this letter.
    I have nothing to lose after I've refused to participate in a dirtiest left-wing CIA-FBI conspiracy of the century which I call "Millenium Hilton" operation. I have no money, no job, no permanent place to stay. I'm telling the truth though I understand that I violated Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. There's no other way to bring to justice Bill Clinton who initiated the left-wing conspiracy and Barack Obama who's covering it up.

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