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Is It Time To Buy Your Dream House?

Buy Your Dream Home!
Buy Your Dream Home!
Ivan Katz

With the tumultuous real estate market that the country has gone through in the last 9 years, many potential buyers have gotten leery of the idea of buying any property, much less their dream home. Whether that dream home is a farm in the country, a house on the end of a quiet cul de sac, or an ocean front condo, it might be time to make your dream a reality.

Many neighborhoods in the Northern Virgina / DC area area already back to their peak prices in 2008. With recovery evident, many investors are fighting over potential flips in the NOVA / DC area. If your dream home is in Virginia or DC, you might want to make it happen soon. Interest rates are still historically low, and you can lock them in for the entire length of your loan, be it 15 or 30, or even 40 years!

When the investors are buying, you know the market is back, and in the NOVA / DC area, it is certainly back in full swing. Inventory is tight in desirable areas, and homes that are priced right are flying off the market.

So what does this mean for you and your dream home? Well if your dream is a ski in & ski out home just off the slopes, or a beachfront condo or home in Atlantic City, you might want to seize the day! Other parts of the country may not be recovering as quickly as our NOVA / DC market. This is due to many factors, but our strong and diversified job market really helps.

But hear me now, I think that we will look back on this time as a historically good time to have gotten into the market. I've been telling people to buy in my column for many years now, and those that listened have gotten excellent deals and are now very likely enjoying some sweet equity in their homes!

Other parts of the country seem like bargains now, so whether you want your dream vacation home in Florida, or a ski house, or an ocean or lake front 2nd home, or even just a larger home in the NOVA / DC market, opportunity is knocking! Carpe Diem!

And of course you should get the help of an expert Realtor in the market which you are considering! If you happen to be considering selling or buying a home in the NOVA / DC market or anywhere else, feel free to contact me!

You can reach me at

***Please remember that Realtors are not accountants or lawyers, and if you want any such advice you should seek out those specific professionals to answer your questions. Realtors are not licensed to give financial or legal advice!***

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