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Is it time for you to move on from disruptive relationships?

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Growing up is hard.

As we grow from babies to children through puberty and then through adulthood the road gets harder and harder.

Once we become adults we learn a lot about ourselves. As we grow we realize that if we knew then what we know now we could have done better and we could have also made better choices.

Through this journey we call life we encounter different people for different reasons. The relationships we develop will either disrupt or enhance our lives. The individuals who enhance our lives will be a part of our journey as we move forward to what's next. The ones who disrupt our lives, now that is a different story.

The individuals that come into our lives and take us through the disruptions have a time and a place. When we go through whatever it is we need to go through it is up to each one of us to know when enough is enough. This time is without a doubt one of the most difficult times in our lives especially when you know you have had enough and you have to let people go and move on. There is definitely a reason for this.

The reason for this is in order for a person to go to their next level some individuals have to be left where they are and where at one point you were. This forward movement is not about the people you leave behind, it is about you. In moving forward and once the disruptions have been removed you will realize why. Each one of us will have our own moment of clarity.

Are you willing to remove disruptive individuals from your life? Or, will you allow the disruptions and the individuals that go along with them to become your reason to never move ahead?

Is it time? You decide.

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