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Is it time for a BDS Movement to hold US accountable for Arming Israel?

After an all too brief lull the killing in Gaza has begun anew. On Facebook I was asked when it would stop. It occurred to me that it might not stop unless or until America stopped being complicit in the genocide against Gaza and Palestinians by no longer choosing to pretend Israel was engaged in self defense and arming the Israeli's. This most recently took the form of another $250,000.000.00 million dollars of aid in Addition to the 3.1 billion already given.

I am most impressed by the effect of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel however if the US continues pumping billions into Israeli genocide can this ever completely succeed?

I am heart sick looking at the pictures of murdered children killed for the crime of being Palestinian. I am sick of the moronic imbecility of leaders like Hilary Clinton who still mouth the insanity of Hamas is responsible for Israel killing Palestinian children because the Palestinians understand that their choices are not peace by stopping all aggression against Israel or death by firing the Qassam rockets. No, the Palestinians choice is whether to die quietly in their beds or die fighting for freedom. I know which of the two options I would choose. Hint, it is not lying down.

In answer to the question of when will the killing end I have come to the conclusion that it will take the US ceasing to arm Israel. We now know from a Pew Research study average Americans have almost no impact on the decisions our government makes. They respond to pressure from lobbyists like AIPAC the American Israeli lobbying group so how to unstop deaf ears?

America needs to be held accountable for its complicity in Gaza and Palestinian genocide so my question is should we have a BDS Movement against America just like it Colonialist partner Israel?

Might that not bring a permanent end to this brutal massacre faster than a BDS Movement against Israel alone?

Might it not be the only justice we will be able to bring to bear on both these guilty party's?

We know for instance that America's Silicon Valley does a lot of business with Israel's tech industry so what would happen if through a BDS Movement and millions of dollars of lost revenue because of it, Silicon Valley rethought these policies?

America has pretended Israel is the first nation too big to fail and that anything in defense of this state is therefore reasonable. There is no such thing as people, banks or nations that are too big to avoid justice. That needs to be the message loud and clear.

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