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Is it the end of the story for Breathe Bookstore Cafe?

Books and food can be found at Breathe Bookstore Cafe
Books and food can be found at Breathe Bookstore Cafe

Where does the aroma of homemade maple granola waft out into the street? Where can you sit on a shady porch and munch on a vegan bagel with home-made hummus? Where can you hang out inside and enjoy a Seasonal Veggie Flatbread spread with Cashew Cheese amidst an array of new and used books? Breathe Bookstore Café is one place you can have all three experiences, but the opportunity to engage in them may be short-lived.

Proprietress of Breathe Bookstore Café, Susan Weis-Bohlen is looking to lease her restaurant equipment so she can focus on teaching vegan and vegetarian cooking out of her home. Weis is an Ayurvedic practitioner who just moved into a house with a teaching kitchen and wants to up her classes.

Breathe Bookstore opened in 2004 and later, in 2013, Weis opened her café. With the onset of e-readers, her bookstore started getting fewer customers. Sharing her food-as-medicine philosophy seemed the perfect way to create needed income and the café has been in business ever since.

The café’s menu lists fresh vegan muffins and bagels for breakfast. Lunchtime dishes include the Chickpea Double, Roasted Veggie Tart and Farmer’s Market Soup.

Weis gets as many organic and local ingredients as possible and all her desserts are free of white sugar and white flour. Vegan chocolate chip cookies and vegan ginger molasses cookies are just two items on the dessert menu. Also available are vegan Almond Jammer Cookies, Raw “Cheeze” Cake and Happy Trails bars.

Weis is looking for like-minded individuals to take over her store but she’s having trouble finding people that believe vegetarian and vegan restaurants can be successful.

Perhaps more restaurant people need to know about popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants like the Land of Kush, Liquid Earth and One World Café. Or maybe they just have to to hang around Breathe Bookstore Cafe for a while and see for themselves just how successful a vegetarian restaurant can be - and perhaps enjoy a really good meal in the process.

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