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'Is it Sunday morning again?': Advice for people who dread going to church

Logs on a fire compared to worshipers in church
Logs on a fire compared to worshipers in church

Do you dread Sunday mornings? Some people dread Sunday mornings because they have to go to church out of obligation. As children, they grew up in a household where parents expected them to get up out of bed, get dressed and go to Sunday school and church. Unfortunately, as adults some of these children still have that Sunday morning anxiety. They don't want to go to church; however, they feel guilty if they don't go. If they don't go to church, they don't enjoy whatever they do during the day because they still hear the voice of their parents in their head.

There is a joke about having to go to church every Sunday morning. One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to which he replied, "I'm not going." "Why not?" she asked. "I'll give you two good reasons," he said. "One, they don't like me, and two, I don't like them." His mother replied, "I'll give you two good reasons why you should go to church. One, you're 54 years old, and two, you're the pastor!"

Sometimes even pastors dread Sunday mornings. So if the pastors feel this way, you know parishioners feel this way as well. So what do you do when you don't feel excited about going to church on Sunday mornings?

Going to church to worship God should not be filled with anxiety and trepidation. Going to church to worship God should be filled with excitement and expectation. We should expect to hear a word from God and be moved by that word. Often we get what we expect to get so we should expect the best from every Sunday morning service.

When you feel like you don't want or need to go to church on a Sunday morning, remember this. Each Christian is like a log on a fire. When only one log is burning, it does not have other logs to help it burn. The lonely log exerts all its energy alone and then goes out. However, if that single log were with other logs, it could simply roll over and they could all burn together without much effort from any of them. The fire burns the hottest, and the fire burns the longest when many logs are on the fire.

You are one of those logs. If you join with other worshipers, your life will be the brightest and the warmest. Therefore, make every effort to worship with others every chance you get. You will be glad you did and so will the other logs.

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