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Is It Summer Yet?

Is it possible that some good has come from this winter’s seemingly constant onslaught of snowstorms? Do people drive more carefully over snow and ice than they would during normal highway conditions?

I don’t know. But I pondered the question shortly after I recently completed a trip to the bank under normal highway conditions.

I had just finished a simple transaction and was headed for the exit when I was stopped by a woman at a nearby desk. A short conversation then took place.

WOMAN: “Do you have a red car?”

ME: “Uhhh…yes?”

A woman standing next to her replied that she had backed her truck into it.

Momentarily the gears in my thought processing machine began spinning like the wheels of our vehicles have spun so many times this winter. I quickly snapped back to reality and went outside to survey my car.
A few scratches on the front bumper. The damage was minimal, yet quite noticeable.

I took the relevant information of the other driver, and she was willing to pay for the damage. The lady at the desk then remembered that the bank was required to report any accidents which occurred on bank property, and she did so.

Now the local police were involved. A normal day gone awry.

Anyway, the incident is in the process of being resolved. As is the case in most accidents, it was completely avoidable and unnecessary. The other driver was in a hurry because she was expecting an oil delivery at some property she was renting which currently had no heat.

I could relate to that. I have friends in Laurel Springs who were forced into a hotel for three days during the last storm due to heating and power failures. Welcome to Winter 2010.

The trouble is, a few extra seconds of caution would have saved her an added expense she didn’t need. Are most of us only willing to give that extra time under icy road conditions?

Admittedly, I can’t kill the woman for this accident because there are too many hit and run cases these days. No one was hurt, and I could have been left high and dry. She had the fortitude to own up to her mistake, and is taking the proper steps to rectify it.

But it made me wonder whether this would have happened if there had still been ice in that parking lot. At this writing, things have thawed a lot. I find myself being twice as careful on the slippery highways this winter. I might arrive at my destination a half hour or so later than usual, but at least I’ll get there in one piece. And that’s a good thing.

Isn’t it? Are most drivers more vigilant, and hopefully away from their cell phones in a year when it seems to be snowing constantly?

I don’t know, but I hope so. It would be something positive to take away from a really long winter.
I just hope we can remember to remain careful when summertime finally arrives. And I really believe it will.



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