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Is it Safe to Take Breast Enlargement Pills?


We live in a culture where good looks are considered a must, especially for all those who want to move up the ladder. And women have to endure a lot of pressure because they have to appear energetic and youthful at all times. And all those women who can't deal with the pressure try to use every possible way to look more beautiful, younger and more attractive. One of the solutions many women use to achieve this is breast enlargement.

While plastic surgery is a choice many women take to enlarge their breasts, there are more and more women who are taking the other route - breast enlargement pills. We can say that this is a novelty on the market and it has become quite popular. Why? Simply because it costs less and it's easy to swallow, no pun intended.

Why Did Pills Become So Popular?

For many women, it's hard to decide for a plastic surgery because there are risks involved. Yes, they will get exactly what they need, but they would have to go through the surgery and deal with the recovery period, the pain and discomfort. But pills don't require any effort at all, they just need to swallow them with a sip of water and that's it. This is exactly why many women choose them over the surgery. Another important factor is the cost. A breast enlargement surgery costs several thousand dollars and while many women can afford this easily, there are many of those who can't. So they need another solution. And they see breast enlargement pills as a ticket to beauty and good looks.

Adverse Pill Effects

While they do provide results, pills present a danger to a woman's health. Many medical healthcare professionals and experts agree on this and they have noticed a good number of side effects on women who used breast enlargement pills. Let's see what are some of these bad effects.

Estrogen Enhancement

Some pills contain herbs that try to mimic the estrogen functions. But, mimicry is not the same as the original. The levels of estrogen will be affected in such a degree that women can feel headache, nausea, mood swings and vomiting.

Prescribed Medication Compatibility

For anyone who uses prescribed medication, breast enlargement pills present a danger. This is due to herbs contained in the pills, they are known to reduce the effect of the medication.

Weight Gain

Estrogen fluctuations will influence the metabolism so women can gain extra weight while taking the pills.


Consumers can't know if the product they are taking is actually herbal. Even if there are some herbs included, chances are the pills are adulterated and this can cause many side effects like skin rash and itchiness. And once an individual develops skin allergies, other health issues may arise.

Breast Cancer

It has been discovered that breast cancer developed in many women who used breast enlargement pills. The culprit is phytoestrogens - they stimulate the growth of cancerous cells. Also, a herb known as Don quai is contributing to the creation of cancer cells as well, and many breast enlargement pills contain Don quai.

All these risks are something every woman should seriously consider before taking these pills. There are many other natural breast enlargement options which are not risky at all. It is important to get informed on this matter and find out all the facts. It is true that any woman can enlarge her breasts with plastic surgery and breast enlargement pills, but there are many risks involved here. Trying something more natural is the slowest but it's the safest solution. By choosing the natural route, every woman will save her health and a large amount of many too.

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