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Is it safe to e file your 2013 tax return?

Efile is the safest bet
Efile is the safest bet
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When you file your taxes through efile, you are transmitting your tax data and credit card or bank account number. So how do you know if it is safe to use e-file?

The chance of your data being stolen when using efile is slim to none. Using e-file to file your taxes is more secure than sending it through the mail. As the e-file data is encrypted during the transfer between the tax software and the IRS, this prevents any access to the data.

Verify tax software efile policy

You can go to the tax preparation website and read through their privacy policy. Also check their support pages for the technology used for electronic filing. Most tax software has a guarantee to use the most secure technology available.

Here are some more reasons to use e-file over mailing your return

  • Mail gets lost or stolen
  • While electronically filing your return it won’t get lost or stolen as it could happen by filling through mail. You also get an immediate confirmation that your return has reached the IRS.
  • Know when your refund will be deposited
  • By using e file and tax software you’ll have the benefit of being informed when your refund is being processed and when to expect the refund being deposited.
  • No transposed numbers

Preparing your tax return on paper allows for errors when you transfer calculations to the tax form. When using tax preparation software, the software calculates the tax calculations and then double checks the numbers.

E-Filed returns do not pass through human hands

When the IRS receives a mailed tax return someone scans or enters the data into the system. Errors can occur while the data is being keyed into the system. Also technical problems can interfere with taxes being filed properly. Using efile your data gets sent directly into the IRS system, bypassing human and scanning errors.

The IRS prefers efile

The IRS does not mail Form 1040 Schedule A and other tax related forms to tax payers. This stopped with tax year 2010. According to the IRS paper forms are becoming obsolete and they prefer to get the tax returns by e-file

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