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Is it really more fun in the Philippines?

One of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines
One of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines
Image by Brenda

For some people, Philippines is just another country that belongs to the third world nations. A place known to have high crime rates, poverty, poor education and corruption. Behind those negative publicity, there are things that made the Philippines an ideal getaway destination.

Tropical country

Philippines is located near the Mediterranean line; hence it is one of those countries blessed with an enormous amount of heat. Think about this, it has two seasons - the wet and dry (rainy and summer). There is no winter. When it is winter season in other countries, Philippines become a perfect haven to escape the chilling weather. Yes there are other destinations you can think of. But the best thing in traveling to the Philippines is less expensive.


There are about 7,107 islands composing the Philippines. This means you have plenty of options on where to head to. Some islands are in fact just a few minutes away from the others. Now isn't that convenient? If you think Boracay island is too crowded for you, Palawan is another option to explore. Surfing enthusiasts can go to Siargao to experience the swell. Beaches, mountains, hills, rivers, nature and more! Choices are unlimited.

Happy People

Smile. No matter where you look, Filipinos are always smiling. Sounds crazy? Nope, it only means they are strong. Regardless of what problems or calamities they are facing, they can stand up and start again with a big smile. This attitude of the Filipinos reflects much on the way they treat visitors.

Tourists who are lost can easily ask for directions. Filipinos will really try their best to offer help. Remember being happy leads to being friendly. That is why they are very warm and friendly towards visitors irrespective of colors, gender or nationality.

The above mentioned are just a few of the many reasons why the Philippines is a must-visit destination. One can directly book a flight and explore the islands by himself, which adds thrills to the getaway. Or you can seek the assistance of travel agencies to guide you in your visit. Travel advertising sites such as Guide Manila are likewise available where you can check out ahead where to go, what to expect and what to eat.

So is it more fun in the Philippines? Absolutely yes!

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