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Is it really goodbye? [Spoilers]

The last of Eric Northman
The last of Eric Northman

Major spoilers ahead for those of you who have not watched the season finale of True Blood.

Eric Northman

With that said...I'm sure I was amongst the thousands of viewers yelling "NO!" at the TV screen proceeded by my jaw hanging open in shock. Did they really just kill off Eric Northman? It can't be, Eric is one big, bad, tough vampire! But, after seeing him lit up in flames like a roasted marshmallow, it's hard to think otherwise.

We see Eric basking in the sun atop a mountain in Åre, Sweden (which, by the way, is a leading Scandinavian ski resort area), reading a book, and hopped up on enough of Warlow's fairy blood to allow him to daywalk. After Warlow is killed by Jason, all the fairy blood power leaves the vampires who have drank it. Most are fortunate because it is nighttime in the United States. However, Eric, being the Swedish Viking that he is, had returned to his homeland where it was daytime. The fairy blood daywalk juice poofs away and Eric begins to sizzle. Why didn't he bury himself in the snow? Hide under his lawn chair? Do something! Instead, in horror, we watch him burn.

But! Notice we never saw him turn to a pile of vampire goo? Perhaps the writers have left it open for Eric's return? If you recall in the beginning of the episode, Pam set off to look for him. There is hope that Pam just may get there in time to save him--even though she'd fly onto the screen like a burning meteor as well. I have hope people, I have hope.

I saw a lot of people take to Twitter afterward, damning the writers, hating on HBO. In my opinion, I don't think the writers or HBO would be daft enough to kill off their main attraction (seriously, how many of you watch True Blood just for Eric? I know I do.)? Alexander Skarsgard has been making a lot of movies lately, and if his character is in fact gone, I have a feeling it is because it was his decision to go. It has been said that no one is safe on the show, but I don't think they would voluntarily burn up our favorite Viking.

Weigh in, readers! Do you think that was the last we saw of our dear Eric Northman? Do you think Pam will swoop in and save the day? Any other theories? Have at it!