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Is it possible to be undateable?

Mark Aguirre - Confidence Specialist
Los Angeles
Mark Aguirre - Confidence Specialist Los Angeles
A. Tak

Uhhh, that there good buddy would be a resounding ...YES!

Before you invest your money in Killer Confidence, avoid this list like you would those people who just love to talk to you, who stand WAY too close ....while lip smacking on a double double with extra mayo...........and onions! YIKES!

Granted, each of these loathing traits CAN easily be fixed, but the question remains:

"Is this YOU? Are you ready to do a complete social and mental makeover to prove yourself wrong....and reach your social happiness THIS YEAR?"

Let's pick on the MEN first:

  • Fanny packs of any kind. Shoot yourself now.
  • Eyeglasses with frames (and other fashion statements) that make you look 10 years older or don't showcase your hidden attractiveness. Let's start by trimming that shrub on your chin that you call a goatee.
  • You slouch, have a plump gut draped in a Hawaiian shirt accompanied with jean shorts and a cheap off-white pair of tennis shoes from Payless.....and make over $100k a year.
  • You truly believe that women are after money and good looks.
  • You think that all the good girls are "taken"....and you live in a metro area with over 10 million people. Ahem.
  • You're starting to slip into the beginning stages of a Comb-Over --"I know a guy who begins HIS comb-over 2 inches above the back of his neck collar. Let's stop for a moment and picture that.
  • You're 5' 5" tall and already over 150lbs ..... and trying to get "bigger" because you really think that is what women REALLY want.........a human "barrel" to wrap their arms around.
  • You just caught yourself wearing sunglasses indoors because you thought it was cool or you were hiding your bloodshot eyes. Either way, you're undateable.
  • You played air guitar while attempting to dance with a girl.
  • You finally broke down and bought vanity license plates or truck mudflaps with naked girl silhouettes made in chrome.
  • You're over 40 and your lifting weights in a gym as if you were 22...complete with grunts, screams, shadow boxing and wall punches.

OK Ladies, now it's your turn:

  • The first words out of your mouth are questions about who we are, what we are and other personal information. What are you ...... a cop?
  • You begin your conversation with a potential new friend and destroy it with negative comments and criticism of yourself. Shame on you.
  • You still believe that approaching and talking to men you find interesting is "completely unheard of" and truly believe that men will reject you. How much you wanna bet?
  • You really would love a Mr. Right in your life, BUT you haven't left the city of Anaheim where you live, to find them.
  • You don't really know how men think and you are paying the price for not learning. It's all about how to properly display and "merchandise" the side of you that will attract your Prince on the white stallion....not the caballero on the worn out donkey.

I sure would love to hear your feedback...


Until next time...

Mark Aguirre

Do you think you might be a good "makeover" candidate for Killer Confidence?

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