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Is it over?

There is no restart button.
There is no restart button.
Photo by Emily Kirkendoll

Every day in Kansas City couples are waking up sick and tired of each other. Infact, some of these couples have been sick and tired of the others company for quite some time.  Unfortunately, being comfortable and complicated are two big reasons these relationships are still happening.  It's complicated because they have invested so much time and effort into their relationship or maybe they live together. It's comfortable because familiarity is a lot easier than first dates or being alone.  If any of this sounds familiar it could be time to assess your dating situation.

Signs your relationship has expired:

  1. If you can no longer stand the sound of your partner's voice, there is a problem.
  2. You pull back then your lover leans in for a kiss or are disgusted by their affections.
  3. Spending time with your current boyfriend/girlfriend is more painful than a root canal.
  4. When you hold hands with your special someone it makes outsiders feel uncomfortable due to how blatantly unnatural it is.
  5. When you receive text messages from your partner, you moan audibly like it's a bill collector calling.

While not all of these points will pertain to you, the key point to take with you is: address your feelings.  Being unhappy in a dead end relationship will only bring more pain and anger when it finally falls apart.  Remembering that you deserve to be happy and wanted is only part of this equation though.  Even if you are no longer satisfied by your current situation, you cannot dismiss your partner's feelings.  They too have a right to be desired and appreciated, if you're not the one for that job it's okay to admit that. 

Breaking up during a rough patch in your relationship should be easier than if things are going smoothly. However, if you experience peaks and falls in your relationship regularly and in extreme ways remind yourself of that.  It will be a weight off of your shoulder's and your soon to be ex will be able to start their healing process as well.


  • Tom Miller 5 years ago

    Sometimes you can revive a relationship by taking a breather away from your partner. If this doesn't work, you have also taken the first step towards becoming seperated if not divorced. In any case you need to make haste slowly. Disconnecting with a former best friend is not something to do in a hurry.

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