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Is it OK to let my goats out in the snow?

Goat in the snow
Goat in the snow

North Georgia is covered in snow right now, anywhere from just a few inches to almost a foot. Your goats are shouting for attention in the barn, and you're not sure whether it is OK to let them out into the pasture.

Well, while the sun is out and it's looking pretty cheerful out there, the simple answer is yes! They will enjoy the fresh air and sun, and probably frolic and play in the snow. Even when it's up to their shoulders, they don't seem to mind when the sun is shining!

Small babies should be kept indoors to ensure that they do not chill, but older babies are ok to go out in a couple inches of snow, in a safe, fenced area where they cannot wander into a drift.

Throw them a nice pile of hay to munch on, and ensure that they have some warm, clean water to drink, and they will be as happy as can be.

If they don't seem to be drinking enough while the weather is cold, giving them warm water can help to encourage them to drink, and even adding some gatorade or molasses to their water can give them a boost. Be sure that they have loose minerals available at all times.

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