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Is it Normal for my Man to Fall Asleep after Sex?

When a woman is in the mood for sex with her man, she is often ready for a 2nd, 3rd or 10th go around. Some women will even get frustrated if their men fall fast asleep after sex. I am here to tell you give him a break. It's not his fault he falls asleep after sex. It's biology.

Why should I let my man sleep after sex?
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The brains of men are programmed in a way that makes the brain shut down for bedtime right after vigorous sex. The cerebral cortex switches off conscious thought during the time a man has an orgasm. Once the cerebral cortex shuts off, the cingulate cortex and the amygdala send a message to the brain for the man to no longer have sexual desire. This allows him to fall fast asleep.

If you're the woman for him, it won't bother you to simply cuddle. When he is ready for another round, he will have no problem letting you know and he will be refreshed.

Studies have revealed that men think about sex at least 18 times a day( food is up there with sex).

As for sleep, sleep is on a man's mind at least 11 times day. Totally makes sense.

How women scale up to these sex figures? To give you a scope, men think about sex 50% more than women everyday. Sleep and eating were lower for women as well. So stock up that fridge and let your man get a good night sleep. He will appreciate you more for it.

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