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Is it fascism yet?

Obama Distorted

A new poll came out that shows Obamacare is supported by just 26%. Like that matters. It's the law, deal with it bitches! Valerie Jarrett, Obama's (mentor/chief of staff/ henchwomen to the president) went off to Hollywood to "nag" (her word) script writers into including Obamacare in their work since it's unlikely they would ever do so normally.

This is called propaganda. But the policy is intended to the betterment of mankind (heck, the first lady called it "Gods work") therefore "propaganda", although an exact characterization of Jarrett's mission, sounds misplaced. So no one is bothering to call it what it is.

That's because propaganda is now okay. And there are a lot of other things that are okay too just because a great leader is doing those things. There will always be an elusive definition of fascism but we do know is that fascist leaders, unlike their communist counter-parts, did enjoy some amount of popularity. "What are you trying to say, Obama's a fascist, huh, is that it?" No...well, actually I don't know.

Obama is looked upon as a great leader to a point of school children are taught to sing praise; he has his own insignia; employs the movie and television industry for publicity and inserts his image in every holiday or sporting event; his government collects data on citizens and another agency has attempted to shut down his opposition ("what do you say in your prayers?" was a question the great leaders government ask to an opposition organization), I may not know what fascism is exactly but before Obama came along I'm sure I would have included these examples to explain it and I'm not alone.

The interesting aspect of the Obama phenomenon is his supporters. Has there ever been a time of so much political anger leveled at the great leaders detractors? Here's a couple of journalist on a major news channel talking about Sarah Palin, one of Obama's opponents:

I have a question. The word conservative can mean many things. I mean, there’s many definitions to it, but what does it say about a group, CPAC, where the most popular speaker they had and the one who received the most rousing reception is a moron, Sarah Palin? I mean, she received a reception at that group that took the roof off the place. Sophomoric, nearly libelous, not amusing. What does it say about that group?

And it was Palin he accuses of "sophmoric". Palin the moron.

This isn't analysis it's anger. It is what people say when they give up in a debate or fall into road rage. It's anything but temperate. This came from Mike Barnicle speaking on MSNBC, a network whom the president actually has their talking-heads come to the White House to coordinate their message, again, this is supposed to be okay.

Palin is not only a moron to Barnicle but, according to Mika Brzezinski, speaking on the same program, Palin is a "A multi-million dollar moron selling a message..." which belies another theme of fascism and that is the enemy of the leader will always be the wealthy, always. Palin's a moron, but on top of it, a "multi-million dollar" moron. Are you seething yet?

I don't know what fascism is but the cult of Obama is certainly close to what fascism does. In the least the Obama phenomenon allows us a taste of how a society centered around an individual comes to be. Obama doesn't have that grand of support, but the support he does have are angry and myopic when they are not euphoric and the great leader certainly knows just how to tap into it all.

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