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Is it ever too late for love?

Love never dies...
Love never dies...

It’s an unfortunate truth, at some time or another, everyone has experienced the pain and suffering of a collapsed relationship. Whether through no fault of your own, or if you initiated the end, destruction of heart and spirit leaves a scar.

In today’s world, there is a growing trend of divorce and separation of marriages. Statistics taut an alarming rate of unions being torn apart at the seams. Who’s to blame? Is it society’s narrow view of relationships, or is Hollywood to blame for the evaporating belief of couples remaining together until their dying day?

In the back drop of this maniacal plan to keep people apart, are those who still hold true to the magic and belief in love. These are the rare handful of people who hold out on hope and a prayer they will find their counterpart. Although the landscape of dating is tainted by those who use dating sites as a means of one night stands, the true at heart pursue their search.

So, is it possible for those with true intentions to find a soul mate, or at least a real person behind the façade of a profile? Too often, someone creates the most attractive sounding profile, only to be deflated when met in person. The ideal attributes and characteristics are easy to put together for somebody to read and be interested in. The hard part is being the same fantasy person created.

Believe it or not, two like-minded individuals can find each other, connecting to meet face to face from a dating website. Though rare, it’s not uncommon for two people to write, or chat at length to get a better idea of who exactly is on the other side of the screen. The best advice for success in this realm? Be true to yourself and don’t exaggerate of inflate your profile.

Finding a soul mate, a best friend or a solid confidant, can still happen in our mixed up world. Take care, this is not a simple task for real people who do what they say. This dying breed of people are those who are in it for heartfelt emotion and passion, not just a night of lust. There are plenty of site geared just for those who want FWB.
Anyone can hit and run, not everyone can make two, one.

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