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Is it a good idea for friends to date?

Would you date a friend?

If you are single and trying to date then you know just how hard it can be to meet someone.

A person goes out with their friends and for some reason they look around and it seems like they are the only single person in the room and everyone else is has hooked up with someone.

In today's dating world there are other options like online dating or speed dating where a person has about ten minutes to get to know about ten individuals and from there they have to decide who they want to get to know a little better. These are some good options and there are many more but at some point these options can get tiring too.

For those single individuals looking to meet someone, have you considered dating a friend?

Depending on who you talk to there are pro's and con's to doing this, dating a friend that is. For instance on the pro side these two individuals already know something about each other. They have also established some commonalities and they have already hung out with each other, with their other friends and in some cases just the the two of them. Considering some of an individuals other options this can be a good start to any relationship.

As far as the cons the list could be short or long depending on how a person looks at it. One con that is probably high on the list is if it doesn't work out can the two individuals still remain friends? Can the two individuals involved go back to the way things were? I guess the answer to that question depends on the individuals.

If you were interested in one of your friends, would you say something? Or, would you just let the opportunity pass you by because of the possibility of the unknown outcome?

On the other hand what if you said something and things worked out and it's a match made in heaven? You will never know unless you try?

One thing to also remember when it comes to dating someone you know is if two people who are already friends decide to date they should definitely keep their attempt to date each other to themselves.Why? Because outside influences from friends and others can put a strain on an already delicate situation. And if it doesn't work out no one else has to know.

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