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Is International Space Station again being visited by a UFO?

A new recording of the NASA live camera feed showing a UFO close to the International Space Station (ISS) was uploaded today to Youtube. The live feed was shot by one of the ISS’s external cameras and shows a dark object close to or adjacent to the ISS. The object is quite large in relation to the ISS, and does not appear to be part of it. The new video follows just over a month after another ISS video feed recorded on January 29 showed a UFO docked at the ISS. NASA never issued an explanation for the docked UFO video which some mistakenly claimed was part of an earlier November 9, 2013 Olympic Torch ceremony conducted at the ISS. Does the new live stream recording show the ISS again being, or about to be, visited by a UFO?

Screenshot of UFO at ISS

The live feed recording is approximately two minutes in length and was made by the same Youtube user, Streetcap, who uploaded a recording of the January 28 ISS feed of a docked UFO. NASA makes its live camera feed from the ISS freely available in real time on Ustream. The new live feed recording shows the UFO very close to if not adjacent to the ISS. There is no way to tell how close the object is to the ISS, but it is behind and partially obscured by the ISS. This suggests that it is relative large, approximately 10 meters or more in length. There is no footage showing the object entering or leaving the area being live streamed. A request has been made to learn if more footage exists of the dark UFO, and the time of the recording.

Update: I received the following response from Streetcap1 to my request: "It was today, depending on where you live, it might have been yesterday for you. It just appears and stays quite a long time. My videos tend to be short as folk seem to prefer them that way. It materializes would be a better description. When ISS is thrust into darkness it's still there but gone when daylight returns. Hope that answers your question. Posted it as it looked out of place."

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