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Is insomnia making you fat? 9 tips to get more sleep and lose weight

Sleep is vital for good health and weight loss.
Sleep is vital for good health and weight loss.

The dark circles under your eyes could indirectly contribute to your ever-growing waist line. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, lack of sleep can increase hunger and slow down the metabolism. That translates into massive weight gain for you.

One culprit is the stress hormone cortisol, which is released when your body does not get adequate amounts of quality sleep. Aside from the fact that your over-tired body needs extra fuel to function, cortisol also inhibits appetite control. The result is over-eating and never feeling full.

The other factor is excessively high insulin levels due to high blood sugar which results in increased fat storage. If you eat a lot of empty carbs this problem is even more amplified since your body has a hard time metabolizing carbs in this state. These carbs further spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, which basically means that all the food you are eating is going straight to your hips.

This all boils down to your body's attempt to survive the stress caused by your sleepless nights by packing on the pounds with a vengeance. To make matters worse, being overweight further aggravates your sleeping problems with sleep apnea, snoring and back pain. Getting off this insomnia-weight-gain merry-go-round is challenging, but can be accomplished with the following 9 tips:

  1. De-clutter your bedroom to help your mind calm down at the end of the day.
  2. Exercise several times a week, but never right before bedtime.
  3. Eliminate toxins from your body with a cleanse or detox. (Read my review of the Ultimate Reset detox here!)
  4. Limit your daily calorie-intake according to your activities to avoid over-eating. (Find out how to adjust your calorie intake here!
  5. Stick to the same bedtime every night of the week to help your body get back into a rhythm.
  6. Take a supplement to reduce your cortisol level and rev up your metabolism.
  7. Avoid big meals shortly before bedtime.
  8. Reduce caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  9. Drink a glass of warm milk with honey or take a natural sleep aid like Melatonin 30 minutes before bedtime.

Once you get your sleeping habits back on track your weight loss efforts and weight maintenance will be much more successful.

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