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Is drinkable sunscreen the wave of holistic beauty or just a gimmick?

Ingestible sun protection: Sunblock or gimmick?
Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare Harmonized Water Collection

Is ingestible sun protection the wave of holistic beauty or just a gimmick to lure consumers to purchase a new beauty product? Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare is banking on the former with what the skincare brand claims is a new holistic beauty breakthrough.

Now “sunbathers can drink in UV protection with Osmosis Harmonized Waters and achieve a defense comparable to an SPF 30 without lotion," or so the company claims. This new product could just fall under the category of buyer beware, however Osmosis Skincare's UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water asserts to be “physician-endorsed UV protection."

The Long Island Spa Treatment Examiner has not sampled the Harmonized Water, but Osmosis Skincare calls the ingestible sunblock a “remarkable technological advancement that allows the UV Neutralizer to provide UV cancellation waves that vibrate on the skin, thus preventing sun damage.”

How does the Harmonized Water offer sun protection? According to Osmosis Skincare, it is similar to the way "noise reduction headphones work.”

These waters cancel out UV rays by delivering targeted wave patterns to the skin in the form of water. Water has the ability to carry cancellation waves indefinitely. It has no chemicals, is non-toxic, and is simply purified water imprinted with unique, vibrational waves, which isolate out the precise frequencies needed to protect you from UV rays. The frequencies that have been imprinted on water will vibrate on your skin in such a way as to cancel approximately 97 percent of the UVA and UVB rays (similar to broad spectrum SPF 30 products). This results in three hours of coverage that can be repeated for extended stays in the sun.

Additionally, the product details the ingestible sun protection as available in Tan Enhancing and No Tan Enhancing formulas.

These two different UV Waters allow for increased sun exposure, 30 times more than normal. The Harmonized Waters claim to protect your eyes from sun exposure, does not wash off when swimming and can increase your tanning response.

As with any sun protection, for optimal results follow the manufacturer’s directions accordingly, and speak to a dermatologist about sun exposure. The Harmonized Waters contain Distilled Water and Multiple Vibrational Frequency Blends. They are available at the and, and should be consumed one hour prior to sun exposure.

It is always best to avoid the sun, especially at peak times, wear layers, sunglasses and/or a hat and always apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure. It would be advisable to use sunblock in addition to the Harmonized Waters, if one chooses to do so, to avoid skin aging and skin cancer. Look for the EWG 2014 Guide to Sunscreen for the best sunblock and sun protection, which should be published in the coming months.

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