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Is HTC One (M8) Really the Best Android Smartphone Out There?

Getty images
Getty images
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Explore today’s best android so far. HTC is now returning with their newest HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone. One is the second attempt of an HTC company in creating another superb Android phone in the market. As what others see it, HTC produced a most impressive gadget with latest applications integrated with it. Now, another set of development had evolved to show the HTC’s competitors, their love and passion for technology involvement.

HTC Did It

Unlike other Android phones, taking the hype in the market, HTC One (M8) taken from their Taiwanese firm had created a phone that goes with a handy, yet with more durability due to its 90 percent metal chassis. HTC guaranteed customers of their phone’s most polished features that are presently out in the market today. Compared to last year’s M7 Android series, this M8 latest had a more refined look and with additional software changes done to create a much higher model compared to its previous one. The features did great with this Android Smartphone making this new One the best device to replace your old phone. It’s worth the look then.

What makes HTC One (M8) the best?

HTC has done it all with its latest release of HTC One (M8). But, what makes it the best among others? Design! HTC One (M8) aside from its handy and polished metal look, the best feature of it is its design. The company does better at highlighting this Android Smartphone look compared to others. Actually, it has the same look as what does other companies had of the rectangular shape of other Smartphones out there. Well, HTC is indeed a legend for such work. They have created their phones with almost the same look and feel with Apple. Even though it was then inspired by the popular Apple when it comes to looks and features, still it manages to expose itself with a touch of uniqueness to avoid speculations about copying.

Metal Polished Look

The gray polished metal look of HTC One (M8) receives compliments from reviewers. The look adds an elegant feel to the device. It’s the look that makes it withstand from the pack of other Android Smartphones out in the market. If you grab it, you can actually notice its smooth texture. But it is not that smooth enough that it will tend to slip off your hand. In fact, the M8 is a bit larger than the previous M7. It has more rounded edges which make boost its newer handy look. Its overall design and performance registers an impressive style.


The One (M8) simply ranked at the top of other Android devices out there. It was designed for an easy use. It has the power to handle applications with ease. The device is equipped with an excellent call quality feature. For Smartphone addicts, there is nothing more to look for considering its overall performance. Surely, you will be hooked with it.
HTC deserves loud applauses for doing a great work in the field of technology development.

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