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Is Horse Slaughter Coming to Tennessee?



  • Profile picture of Stephanie M Sellers
    Stephanie M Sellers 5 years ago

    4% Fair Tax Averages on America’s 9.2 Million Horses
    Replaces Horse Slaughter with Logic and Value

    A. *Horses under 501©3 is 0.00 tax until Adopted.
    B. *est. $1,200 valued horse in range of $300-$2,500 is $48 tax.
    $48 x 4mhorses = 1billion.9m.2k Revenue
    go to Petition site, for more figures.
    This is vast revenue to pay for land, training, and wages for Committees to oversee America’s horse industry, including reclaiming the Wilderness Preserves for Our Mustangs.
    Rebuild America with pride.
    We built this Nation with horses.
    We can do it again.
    Sanctuaries should not only foster horses but should be learning facilities to teach responsible horse ownership. Sanctuaries become county revenue builders as fees are paid for horse adoption, trail rides, horseback riding lessons, and host competitions. Ideally, Sanctuaries should adjoin Federal land already utilized by equestrians or with promise to do so, such as land owned by The Army Corps of Engineers, State Parks and National Forests.

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