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Is he 'Cruzin' for a bruisin' in 2016?

Is Ted Cruzin' for a bruisin'
Is Ted Cruzin' for a bruisin'
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Senator Ted “I’m not really Canadian” Cruz won a straw poll at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

A straw poll is one that is taken among a group of like-minded people attending a ‘pander-fest’ who may have been drinking heavily. In this case they are a group of people so far to the right that being anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino, anti-Muslim, anti-Europe, anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-99 percent and anti-college graduate makes them happier than a lipsticked pig in slop.

The fact that we’re ‘jumping over’ the 2014 elections and projecting into 2016 shouldn’t be a surprise to those who want to position their candidate as the ‘one to beat’ which is what most of intelligent America would like to do to Cruz.

This could be the best news for Democrats across the board. Ted Cruz, who promises to eliminate anyone that doesn’t look and sound like him, has been poking around fringe groups to parlay his base. His base looks like what’s left over after they clean up some of those mouth breathing ‘open carry’ goons.

If the rest of the failed Presidential field from 2012 decides to re-enter in 2016, it would be as if we had to watch last year’s ‘American Idol’ all over again and convince ourselves we didn’t know who won.

So far in the current primary season the tea party candidates are not faring as well as they did. Have we caught on to their ‘bait and switch’ tactics, or is the mainstream Republican Party not doing as good a job in keeping students, blacks, the elderly and the infirm from the polls?

Seeing Fox News viewer numbers melting away as fast as an Antarctic ice shelf bodes well for an informed electorate. Are you one?

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