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Is he cheating via email?

Watch for the warning signs
Watch for the warning signs
Photo by Emily Kirkendoll

Countless women all over Kansas City are wondering if their partner is being faithful.  That gut wrenching feeling in the pit of their stomachs better known as the female intuition is telling them something is up.  The majority of these women have clear cut signs and blaring red flags like lipstick on shirt collars that isn't their shade and private callers who hang up whenever they answer their lover's phone.  Unfortunately today's vast online resources for "casual encounters" and "no strings attached" rendezvous present a new majority for women dealing with infidelity. Online dating is a brilliant way to really find what you're looking for at your own pace, without pressure and  in the comfort of your own home.  The problem lies in if what you're looking for is a little action on the side of the relationship you've already got.  Sites like this are a search engine away and with most being free and taking only a few minutes to sign up, it's not hard to see why exclusive relationships are struggling.  Luckily,  there are a few things you can watch for if you have that familiar feeling that something just isn't right.

Is your partner particularly private about their email sessions?  If it takes six passwords, voice recognition, fingerprint scans and the weight of their last BM to access their computer and email account there is something going on.  Unless they work for NASA or the FBI it's not necessary for a grade school substitute teacher to treat their email like a top secret facility.  If this is the case, ask bluntly for an explanation.  If you are met with a rebuttal that in some way points to you being nosy or crazy take it into consideration when weighing the longevity of your relationship.  Turning the tables when you're backed into a corner is typical guilty behavior.  Another warning sign is over protection of their cellular device.  Most people I know (my mother included) keeps their cell phone attached to their hip at all times.  This is normal in today's tech crazed society.  With phones that do everything from phone calls to power points it's easy to see why they have become so near and dear to our hearts.  However, if you're loved one is sneaky about their phone, shielding messages from you or not taking certain calls infront of you and dismissing your interest as "clingy" or "hovering" pay attention.  This could be your red flag. 

Instant messengers are another great cheating device.  The sound can be turned off so a conversation is silent and they can be hidden behind web pages if someone enters the room. You can use them on your personal computer, your work computer, at the library. Basically it's a genius way to talk to someone you don't want anyone else to know about.  While I realize this could very well be giving someone a great idea, it's also an outlet not everyone thinks about.  My own personal experience with this particular online communication tool is as unpleasant as most encounters when it involves a cheating partner.  I have been in the very next room while my now ex was typing away to another woman.  Infidelity really can happen to anyone despite their current relationship status or health.

In conclusion, don't let your sneaking suspicions be turned against you by your sneaking boyfriend. If you have doubts or concerns then talk about it with your partner. If they're not willing to communicate with you about your fears, take that into consideration.  What else will they refuse to talk to you about? 

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  • Logan 5 years ago

    Too true...I have an ex fiancee who was very over protective of her texts and her phone and well come to find out...and we all know how that ended.

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