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Is Harry Connick, Jr. right for ‘Idol’? Artist uses humor to connect with viewer

Harry Connick Jr. sits next to Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban ready to hear the next contestant on “American Idol.” While the scenario sounds similar to years past, Connick Jr. is a new judge and is handling how he rejects and interacts with people using his humor. According to Fox News on Tuesday the new judges are getting along very well and like working together. Fans saw this chemistry on Wednesday night for the premiere episode of “American Idol.”

When you hear Keith Urban or Jennifer Lopez critique a contestant the two judges seem to bring more of a heartfelt approach. While Harry seems sincere, his joking mentality often makes the situation far less harsh than the reality of the moment. Yep, Harry Connick, Jr. almost always says the right thing and it usually is very funny. The star is funny online too. He joked about who would be watching “American Idol” at his home on Wednesday night.

“i'm so excited about the @ AmericanIdol premiere tonite, I made my children audition for a chance to watch with me. Only one made it through,” tweeted Harry Connick Jr, from his official Twitter account on Wednesday night.

Humor always makes bad news sound better and it lightens the mood. Fans of “American Idol” will agree that adding Harry Connick Jr. offers a softer moment on the show as the star can say some funny things without disrespecting the audition process.

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