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Is Grey's Anatomy over forever?

Sandra Oh is not the only Seattle doctor checking out this season on Grey’s Anatomy. Two interns will end their Grey’s Anatomy careers this season. Both Tessa Ferrer (Dr. Murphy) and Gaius Charles (Dr. Ross) have not been renewed for next season. This is clearly not a decision made by the actors themselves, but from the creators behind the series. There is no longer room at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital for these two interns.
No complaining is being heard over Tessa Ferrer leaving. Her character is growing more and more annoying and pointless. Other than her short affair with Arizona, the Dr. Murphy character is pointless. She isn’t creating any other drama other than her harassment claim that is tearing everyone apart. That is probably also her characters down fall. This is probably going to be involved in the reason to why her character leaves. Goodbye Dr. Murphy, you will not be missed.
The story is not the same when it comes to Dr. Ross. His character has gone through a very rough year. It is a bit of a surprise that they are letting his character go so easily. Hopefully he can go out with a bang. His character deserves something good. They flopped with his year of slowly losing it and then bringing everything back together. It was anti-climactic and somewhat boring to watch. The drama was there in theory, but it wasn't done well enough to get the attention of Grey’s Anatomy addicts. Grey’s Anatomy has had a great run and the past few seasons have held some crazy emotionally powerful episodes, but it is slowly losing its touch and its stars. Sandra Oh leaving might just help bring the show down forever.

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