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Is Greg Keating really Conan O’Brien’s son? Hilarious video offers alleged proof

Greg Keating is looking for his dad and he thinks it might be Conan O’Brien. For Team Coco fans it was obvious that Greg and Conan might have the same color hair, but answers of the father and son connection would need to wait until Monday night. According to Mediaite on Monday, the 20-year-old college student may or may not be anything more than a joke from the talk show. Whatever the outcome, Greg Keating's video message has gone viral.

While the fans check out the guy who wants to be Conan’s son, there are some intriguing parallels that had fans chatting up the possibilities of a connection. One of the biggest connections is that Greg Keating alleges his mom worked in the same building as Conan in New York City. She apparently was a television producer.

Another intriguing parallel is his face and likeness. Most fans of the talk show host will agree the kid looks a lot like Conan O’Brien if the star was 20 years younger.

What has everyone’s attention is the silence from the talk show host. There will be fans tuning in to the Conan show on Monday night to see what the star has to say. Even the fair weather fans will be checking out the moment. Keating’s viral video has grabbed the attention of the fans and they want to know more.

Take a look at the video clip of Greg Keating alleging he is a son of Conan O’Brien.

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