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Is greed killing America?

Let’s observe what’s going on to our society. What are trending on today’s news, music, fashion, and movies?

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Why the American people, at this moment, still have no jobs? Do they stop looking?
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There’s a lot of things to talk about.

What’s going on to financial world and to some people, they never bother about the current situation? It’s okay to attain power by passing corporate ethics.

Do our politicians do their job to gear up the economy to its highest peak? Our politicians and big corporations were the ones who made the gravity of outsourcing because they protect their personal interest as they have companies operating in China where products were being imported by us, and we export less. This is greed on the part of our politicians instead of helping the American people we are in a deeper hole that we could not get out. Donald Trump had suggested that the government should impose heavy tariffs to get our money back from China when we import goods from them.

What about unemployment? Why the American people, at this moment, still have no jobs? Do they stop looking? The Corporate America is trying to cope the economy going but unable to reach out to the American people and create more jobs. However, we can see there're no job creations made by the private sectors, meanwhile the government building its workforce to their full swing.

Remember, the government printed $800 billion to stir our economy, despite stimulus money the economy still on the red, because it was at no time been properly managed. This would aggravate the Social Security System by adding more retirements who at no time even work in this country. This is unfair for the American people who work hard and should be compensated when they retire?

Why people, at this time, unable to find jobs to support their family or people become takers instead of the giver?

People will use their resources in order to be ahead of the game. It is easy to receive from the government rather than look for a job?

There were people born to have a gift on business. Some have a gift on singing, acting, different kinds of things with respect to entertainment. Some have their calling to be a priest, minister, religious order, etc. in order to serve God in so many ways.

If all of these, can be utilized for the good of humanity, we may be able to see a wonderful and a workable world where everyone is sharing and put aside their egoistic and individualistic attitude. However, in a current situation, it seems the dog eat dog and survival of the defeatist in order to live.

In the music industry, an artist and producer will do anything for money. Both artist and producer never think about the repercussion of the finish product and to be put out in the market. Especially, when the message is condescending to some people, which will give a negative effect can cause a problem.

Ministers who preach the Gospel of Jesus in their own interpretation without the authority of the church, a big concern. Likewise, the Presbyterian Church, it is okay to conduct and officiate the same-sex marriage, which is opposed to Jesus’ teaching?

Everybody should be on the same boat in order to be in with the current ethos. When is the time to draw the line?

Corruption is part of greed in our society. Not only, in the government that this word is much appealing even in the private sectors.

The problem lies in us as its own creation. No one is to be blamed except us as we embrace ‘greed’ in our society that makes it difficult to bounce back.

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