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Is GOP squeaky wheel politics sinking Obama?


Getty Images-President Obama and family at swearing in.

CBS Senior political correspondent Bob Schieffer said something the other day which makes perfect sense. Schieffer knew exactly what he was saying when he said it, as well. It involves the polls.

"When President Obama does something he says he would do while on the campaign his numbers go down."

Wondering exactly what that means you don't have to go much farther than the theory of "The squeaky wheel gets the grease," or in this case the "squeaky party not in power." The GOP won't go along with anything the president does no matter how much sense it makes. Two points prove this out.

First, Rush Limbaugh, the self anointed king of the Republican Right, boasted more than a year ago he wanted the current administration to fail because he didn't believe in what they believe. During the State of the Union the president himself made a point of pointing out his tax cuts. When the Republicans in the audience sat silently with their arms crossed Mr. Obama said "I thought I'd get some applause on that one."

Basically, if the Republicans say the sky is red and Mr. Obama comes out and says the sky is red, the GOP will then say, "no the sky is blue." It doesn't really matter what he comes up with or what the Democrats do, even if it is a Republican ideal, they will be against it. They keep calling for the Democrats and the president to include them but when this happens they pull out. So why go there any more?

The theory of the squeaky wheel really fits in politics today when it comes to the GOP. If you tell people something often enough and long enough and loud enough they will eventually believe you, whether it is the truth of not. This is the GOP strategy today. Let's hope the American people will eventually see through this strategy -- at least before the mid term elections.


  • Cindy 5 years ago

    Excellent piece and you are so correct. It was clearly evident on Meet the Press when Gregory repeatly ask Cornyn and Sessions to explain what the republicans would do to turn the economy around. All they did was blame Obama. God forbid if the republicans return to power.

  • Bush W 5 years ago

    Anyone notice how low unemployment was before Obama got in office?

  • Bush W 5 years ago

    I watched Meet the Press once, when Sen Byrd called people ni**ers.

  • Bush W 5 years ago

    God forbid the Dems keep power as proven by higher unemployment, higher debt, the housing, bank, and gas price disasters that happened when Dems took over Congress and the fall in the stock market since Dems took over Congress.

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