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Is God Playing Hide and Seek With Us?

It's been said (by Albert Einstein no less) that God doesn't play dice with the universe. However, is it possible that he plays Hide and Seek? I came to that conclusion before I ran across this fascinating article about junk DNA and its purpose. In case you're not familiar with junk DNA, it is part of the genome (or gene structure) for which scientists have been unable to ascribe functionality. They arrive at the conclusion that it serves no purpose. I think that is a dangerous assumption. The human appendix is considered worthless by much of the medical world, but the fact that something is not necessary for survival doesn't preclude it from having a purpose.

Of course intelligent design would dictate that every part of the body would be useful for something. A car's radio is certainly not necessary for that vehicle to cruise down the freeway at seventy miles an hour. The designer included a radio or CD or even MP3 player as a feature that would make driving more pleasurable. Was the indescribable pleasure of a sexual orgasm necessary for the reproduction of the life on planet Earth? Perhaps as a motivational perk but not as something required to engender new life.

Is it possible that God has placed well hidden clues about himself and eternal life in the world around us? If that is true, first we'd have to find the clues and then we'd have to interpret them correctly. Materialistic evolutionists will no doubt put their evolutionary spin on any such findings. How do they explain the phenomenal discovery explained in the article below?

News flash: It appears that I've been pranked. This article seems to be bogus, a creation of atheists perhaps (is that an oxymoron?) (Can atheists actually create something or do they have to put in a crock pot and let it evolve?) So this story that excited me so much was a red herring. However - I maintain that God has stamped his signature onto his creation in many other valid ways that people refuse to acknowledge.

I've often said that we can't prove God exists and that atheists can't prove he doesn't exist. If junk DNA actually spells out Bible verses, I will have to change my tune. However, you can bet that the majority of Darwin's groupies will try to explain it away in naturalistic terms.

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