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Is global warming real? Ask the insurance industry

Arch-Global Warming Denier, Republican Ken Cuccinelli
Arch-Global Warming Denier, Republican Ken Cuccinelli
Think Progress

Things are a little weird at the country club these days. Insurance CEOs are refusing to play golf with energy CEOs and vice versa -- lots of towel snapping and wedgies in the locker room between members of the two usually friendly groups.

The issue that has these captains of industry at each others'throats is global warming. It seems the insurance honchos, whose companies have been paying out record amounts for global warming-related claims, have had it up to here with Big Oil's relentless campaign to fuel climate change denial in Congress and confusion of the issue in the minds of the American public.

The conflict spilled into Washington on July 18, when the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA), the insurance industry's trade association, long accustomed to having its way on the Hill, asked Congress to develop regulatory policies to reduce America's output of greenhouse gasses,the cause of global warming and the RAA members'current fiscal nightmare.

The RAA may as well have asked congressional Republicans to belt out a stirring rendition of "The Internationale."

Although the world's climatologists have long agreed that the planet's disastrous warming trend is caused by burning fossil fuels, Republicans continue to believe that global warming is a lie, made up by America-hating, tree-hugging communists.

In other words, the insurance industry is asking Republicans to make laws to prevent something that they claim doesn't exist. Although that hasn't stopped Republicans from enacting voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud, which they know doesn't exist, or from introducing legislation to ban the use of Sharia Law in courtrooms, which they should know doesn't exist. Still, I think the insurance industry is in for a lot of disappointment from Republicans on this global warming thing.

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