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Is getting pregnant just about being lucky?

Pregnant woman
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Infertility is a very difficulty situation to find oneself in. Or, perhaps just even wondering if one should be worried about infertility. Many men and women will wonder, when will it happen for me? Why is this taking so long? Will conception ever happen? It may seem that everyone else is lucky while trying to conceive. These are common thoughts for those suffering from infertility. What are some of the factors that determine which couples are successful and which couples are not successful with trying to get pregnant?

One consideration when trying to get pregnant is timing. Specifically, correct timing of sexual intercourse is key when trying to get pregnant. For some women, those with unpredictable cycles, this can be especially difficult. However, the amount of time that an egg is available for fertilization is very short, so that means that timing intercourse correctly is key to conception. Those that wonder about fertility should be sure first that they are timing intercourse correctly to allow for proper meeting of egg and sperm.

Another consideration when wondering about fertility is age. It’s been said many times before, the older the woman, the less likely the chance of a viable pregnancy. Unfortunately, as women age, their egg quality tends to decline. So, an older woman generally has a lower chance of successful conception than a younger woman. This means it’s important to seek help sooner in the process rather than later. Some women will run out of “good eggs” sooner than others will, and there is not really a remedy for that. So, it’s best to err on the side of action and seek help sooner if there are infertility concerns. It gives the couple the best chance at success.

A third consideration, one that is often overlooked, when thinking about fertility, is good self care. It is surprising the number of people that really don’t have much of an idea what good self care means. The quality of care that is put into the woman’s body will have a effect on her fertility. A few specifics to consider are stress level and diet. Many women suffering from infertility think that they have an average stress level. Each body has it’s own tolerance level for stress and what is acceptable to one body may not be acceptable to another. Individual variation is a fact of life. This means the same stress level will have different effects on different women.

Also, it’s amazing what people will eat these days. The prevalence of junk food is a problem, but so is the fact that most people do not get a proper education in what is healthy and what is not, and what amounts are appropriate for different foods. Some people will overeat specific foods, thinking this is good for them when it’s actually not benefitting their health or fertility. Others will under eat certain foods in the name of health, creating other unwanted imbalances in their bodies.

Finding a knowledgeable fertility specialist is a good way to maximize your chances of conception. There are many women out there hoping to “do it themselves”. This is a concept that is very popular right now, in many different spheres. However, in the case of fertility, age is important, so setting a time limitation is something that should be a part of the plan for every couple that is unsure about their fertility situation.

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