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Is Fried Chicken Racist?

Bagel and lox: manna from heaven
Bagel and lox: manna from heaven
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Is lox anti-Semitic?

A private school in California is in apology mode after proffering a lunch of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon in honor of Black History Month.

Except for the fried part, the meal sounds delicious.

Why not serve peanuts? Oh, thanks to Lord knows what and Monsanto, too many children are dangerously allergic to a wide spectrum of foods.

Play jazz and the blues. Honor people of color both famous and not. Really celebrate, teach and pay homage during Black History Month.

And why not lay off the President for 28 days; all the non-racist folks who want the Kenyan Muslim to return to Africa.

Blacks in this country whose ancestors were slaves have been robbed of many aspects of their culture. (Just like other groups facing persecution and war.)

Food is an essential part of the milieu of any demographic.

As Buddhism states, it’s the heart that matters, so...

If the school's motivation for serving victuals identified with the black culture was only kindness, then there is no problem.

On a related note, feel free to criticize the President with intelligence. Example: uh oh, it appears as if the skids are greased for the Keystone Pipeline. Not show me his birth certificate to infinity.

And if time were set aside to pay homage to the Jews, for all the contributions members of this groups have made, then lox must be served.

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