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Is Ford getting out of Sync with Microsoft?

Ford may be planning to take hard stance against Microsoft for the future
Ford may be planning to take hard stance against Microsoft for the future
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Although there has been no official announcement, the recent buzz is that Ford is looking to drop Microsoft Windows in favor of Black Berry Ltd.’s QNX for its new Sync system, citing the fact that it will not only “improve the flexibility and speed of the next generation of cars, but will be less expensive and more reliable.”

The company now uses Sync using Microsoft voice-activated software to make mobile phone calls and play music in 7 million vehicles. However, the system has been plagued by technological glitches (including malfunctioning touch screens) that are being blamed (in part) for the automaker’s recent sales slump according to surveys conducted last fall by both J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Report.

In fact, they noted that Ford and Lincoln brands had fallen to 26th and 27th place out of 33 brands among a growing number of “ tech savvy” consumers, who now often prefer innovations in on-board technology over power when purchasing a new vehicle.

Note; While the Blackberry QNX software is now being used by BMW and Audi, Apple Inc. has joined forces with both, as well as Mercedes-Benz and Nissan Motor Co. to introduce its iOS operating system in cars fitted with iPhone, while Nvidia is looking to install Android operating systems into newer models. In addition, GM, Hyundai and Honda have now aligned themselves with Google.