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Is Florida’s “Stand your Ground Law” designed solely to protect white men?

(Alexandria, LA- Examiner)- On March 25, 2014, the Associated Press reported that Pastors were “calling for the Jacksonville State Attorney's Office to offer the original plea deal to a woman who received a lengthy sentence for firing what she claims was a warning shot during a fight with her estranged husband.”

Marissa Alexander
AP/Lincoln B. Alexander

Marissa Alexander is a mother of three, and she is definitely a survivor of domestic abuse.

In 2010 she fired a warning shot at her abuser to prevent great bodily harm or death. No one was harmed. She has never had a criminal record, and she was entitled to the “Stand Your Ground” law being applied in her case.

Still, the African American mother was arrested, charges and subsequently prosecuted to 20 years in prison. She filed her appeal, and won her day in court.

Prosecutor, Angela Cory, who refuses to drop charges against Marissa announced she would seek to triple Marissa’s sentence if she is found guilty again. Whether it was Marissa's minority status or the fact that she is a female, who knows, but this is the same prosecutor who failed to get a conviction in the Trayvon Martin case. Coincidence?

You cannot get a conviction for the obvious outright murder of a black unarmed teen, but you can convict a black abused mother of 3 for firing a warning shot at her abuser to 20 plus years in prison?

Before we even get the comments, yes, it is understood that Zimmerman is not “white” but everyone knows he was classified as such until he made the difference clear.

Nevertheless, He “stood his ground” killing unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin after stalking him as the boy was on his way back from the store to his dads home.

This self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman gunned down the teen after a struggle in cold blood after the fight he started didn’t go the way that he thought it would.

He walked a free man, and is still in and out of the news today as a troubled individual and a ticking time bomb.

Zimmerman was only arrested after a global outcry for justice, and the murderer is still walking free today. He even got thousands of dollars in support from people all across the globe!

Now we have Marissa Alexander who is looking at a 60 year sentence for simply firing a warning shot into the wall in order to stop her abuser. Her husband was about to attack her. This is a mother, a daughter and an honest, educated upstanding citizen.

As stated on Tumblr by Free Marissa Now, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing on Stand Your Ground on 3/25/14:

Black women and all women have the right to self-defense. Facing the possibility of 60 years in prison for defending your life from an abusive husband reflects a crisis in the law and the criminal justice system as a whole. Ms. Alexander’s legal team recently filed a motion requesting a new Stand Your Ground hearing, arguing that the evidence allowed to be presented at her first hearing was “at best, grossly incomplete” and the judge failed to evaluate her case under the “correct legal standard” within the statute. We very much hope that Ms. Alexander is granted a new, fair hearing and given the immunity from prosecution that she should have been granted years ago. In the meantime, we must immediately reform this law to undo the ways in which structural racism and ignored sexism drive how it is applied.

She had no delusions to think she was anything that she wasn't, she didn't provoke her attacker, and she did the only things she knew to do in order to escape injury. She never fired to injure or kill, but only fired as a warning.

She did nothing wrong. She was trying to stop death or great bodily harm, and she harmed no one in doing so.

She has a legal team who is working on her case pro-bono. Still, Marissa owes more than $250,000.00 in legal fees and counting. Please, help to get Marissa’s story out there.

“Self-defense against domestic violence does not deserve life in prison.” You can view the FREE MARISSA NOW Tumbler page by clicking here.

You can make a donation to the legal fees fundraiser for this vivacious young woman. As many already know she was originally sentenced to 20 years. After again, a global public outcry, they young woman was granted a new trial. Her sentence tripled to a 60 year term if she is not acquitted!

For what! Firing a warning shot that harmed no-one, but may have saved her life?

Her trial is scheduled for July 28, 2014.

Aleta Alston-Toure of Free Marissa Now says that, “Black people, including black women, are over criminalized yet under protected; the application of “Stand Your Ground” routinely fails to value the defense of black life.”
She went on to say that, “Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law has made headlines in the wake of the tragic deaths of African-American teens Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and the prosecution of domestic violence victim Marissa Alexander.”

You can read more information through tumbler, and it is regularly updated. There is also a Facebook page, and the webpage, all of which are regularly updated.

If you want to send a donation via check, please make the check out to:

Global Alliance, Inc.
For: The Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund
Mail to:
Global Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 290956
Columbia, SC 29229

If you make a donation via mail please e-mail a note to so they can include your donation in their fundraising totals.

Also, whether you donate or not please share this article. It has never been more important to take a stand, and it starts with getting the word out.

What is happening is a travesty of justice against woman and minorities. It is happening right under our noses in 2014! Florida is nothing more than a sundown town, and it is time something ids done about it.

Let's get Marissa's story out there! Any one of us could so easily be in this womens shoes. It is time that minorities and women have the same rights as anyone else in the country to protect themselves, and this sundown town mentality has to be eliminated once and for all.

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