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Is flat ironing still a thing?

Gwyneth Paltrow is a straight hair devotee
Photo by Mark Davis

There was a time when a CHI was as sacred as a Louis Vuitton. It WAS the Louis Vuitton of straighteners, no doubt. There were imitators, but it was well-known that the CHI was the cream of the crop with its tourmaline ceramic plates and ultra-fast heating time. But times have changed since the CHI revolutionized flat ironing.

Straight hair is most definitely still in vogue, but prolonged use of flat irons can cause serious damage to hair. It is possible to get the look without the damage, and to do so, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

• Investing in a high quality flat iron is the first step in protecting your hair. And fortunately, CHI isn’t the only high quality flat iron on the market. Sedu also features a line of premium flat irons and styling tools. Be sure to check the warranty on any tool you choose to ensure you are protecting your investment.

• Using a heat protectant will protect hair from excessive heat. Many of these products use silicone to coat the hair shaft to shield it from excessive heat. Davines has an excellent heat protectant, the Melu Shield which is applied to wet hair before blow drying. Matrix offers a full line of products formulated to protect hair from damage caused by heat styling.

• Proper conditioning is a must when consistently using any hot hair tools. Be sure to deep condition at least once per week. Use of argon or coconut oils are also excellent ways to add moisture to dry hair. Apply to the ends and let them work their magic overnight. Shampoo and style as usual.

• Don’t leave the iron on any one section of hair for more than a few seconds. Prolonged exposure to the heating plates will most definitely cause damage. It is important to use a good iron, so that the job is accomplished without extended exposure.

• Discuss proper technique and products with your stylist. He or she will be able to guide you to the best solutions for your specific hair type and styling needs. With so many options, it makes sense to seek the advice of a professional.

And finally, remember to give your hair a break. Daily use of any heating tools will cause damage to hair. To prolong the life of your style, consider an aerosol-base dry shampoo to absorb oil and create lift at the root, saving you time both in the shower and in your styling routine. It also translates to a decrease in the amount and frequency of heat exposure.

Now, about that Louis Vuitton . . .

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