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Is Fido flabby? Toys to help


To help support pet weight loss, APOP tested a bevy of fitness and weight-loss products and compiled a list of a few favorite toys. While you are the best toy a pet could have, these other ones can take your place when you're busy, or add to the excitement of your pet playtime.


Rumble Bumps

Playing off of a dogs natural hunting instinct that is usually triggered by sound, your dog will want to stop the sound of this ball while playing. This gives your dog the natural instinctto engage with the toy.
• touch-activated sounds grab a dog's attention
• sound ceases when toy is at rest
• knobby shape bounces unpredictably when tossed
• chew-friendly design and construction

Dog Tornado
This interactive food game has four layers with rotating discs, and three of these layers have compartments for hiding snacks. Each time your pet rotates a layer, they reveal a hidden snack. The game can be made more or less challenging by altering the layers.What a great way to entertain the brain and work on coordination! Even though this toy doesn't directly help your pet lose weight, it's great to exercise their mind to improve their health.


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