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Is Fayette County Commissioner Charles Oddo one vote away from chairmanship?

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The Fayette Citizen in Georgia reports that Steve Brown, current Chairman of the Commission, is just one vote away from losing his position.

At the beginning of each year, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners elect who they want to be the chairman for the incoming year.

According to the report in the Fayette Citizen, Chairman Brown could lose his position due to a lot of the behind-the-scenes politics.

The report:

“Commissioner David Barlow confirmed Monday that he will support Commissioner Charles Oddo for chair this year, in large part because he feels Brown lacks true leadership skills. Barlow noted that his first preference was to have Commissioner Randy Ognio as chair, but Ognio is far too busy with his electrical business to have the time to handle the role.”

A new year and a new political scene: You may wish to read the Citizen’s report by John Munford giving the particulars of this battle for the top spot on the Board of Commissioners. Mr. Munford lays out the “tit for tat” of the differences that has been going on with the commissioners.

While the individual citizens of the county will not have a vote in this matter – they are responsible for each person who is on the Board – and they will decide who their leader will be.

But it wouldn’t hurt to let them know how you feel. If you so desire – you may e-mail them at: or you may call them at 770-305-5400.

Get to know your Fayette County Georgia Board of Commissioners

For biographies of the individual commissioners, you may find these links helpful. Board of Commissioners

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If you are interested in political issues and how they effect our county, state, and nation, you may wish to subscribe using the tab above. It is free and will be a good resource in this new year for informing voters about those who (are or will be) elected to serve us in elected offices.

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