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Is Fantasy 'Dota 2' the future of E-sports?

Dota 2's new league
Dota 2's new league

Dota 2 brought fantasy sports into the E-sports arena during the 2013 International tournament. It was a simplistic system in which you simply picked your favorite line up of carries and supports and tried to accumulate the most points. It was a fun system to make you feel like you were tracking your favorite players closer but it lacked the competitive spirit that fantasy leagues are known for.

This has all changed with the new Dota League the ASUS ROG DreamLeague. This league is the first league to feature it's own fantasy Dota system in which you are able to join or create your own league of 6 fans who draft teams from a pool of all players participating in the league. This is a large change from the original fantasy system in that only one person per league can have each individual player. Because of this it allows players to have match-ups throughout the 9 weeks of this league and has created a new way for fans to enjoy the game.

It is likely that this will be continued throughout various leagues in the future and will result in fans being able to compete against their friends in all different leagues with different available players depending on which teams are in the leagues.

To learn more about how fantasy Dota works, you can check out the official notes.

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