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Is Facebook's new app Paper a Flipboard killer?

Today, Facebook released their brand-new news reader app called Paper. When I first heard about what it was, I was a bit skeptical about it. But after downloading it and trying it out for about 15 minutes, I'm actually quite impressed with it. I especially liked the video tutorial to get me started as well as the female narrator. Additional tutorials sneak up on you when you are using the app, when it seems that you might be stuck on a screen, and that was cool.

Facebook's Paper
Facebook's Paper

I'm an avid Flipboard user, and Paper reminds me of Flipboard. It might even be a better version of it, but only time will tell. Paper allows you to add different topics of interest by swiping them upwards into your content section, and then reading different articles by swiping up or down, or left or right to get between sections. It also makes the Facebook newsfeed a lot more fun to navigate. You can even send messages, like and comment directly in paper, as well as check your notifications.

If this is a new version of the Facebook mobile app, then so far I like it. It's very interactive, modern, and simple to use. Let's see what people think of it, and once Facebook decides to launch the android app how much user engagement they will actually get. Download it for iPhone here. As always, subscribe to this column to read more great stories, and share this story with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog!