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Is Facebook listenting to you through smart phone mic

Your comments may be spotlighted in a Broadway Global follow up.
Your comments may be spotlighted in a Broadway Global follow up.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Broadway Global shares new features to come for Facebook that will embrace arts if we use it for that reason. Some of you may already have seen a message to allow Facebook friends to know your whereabouts. Now open your minds to an app that would allow Facebook to listen through your smart phone microphone. Sound crazy? Not really. Its already a app that you may use for music. They wouldn't be recording what you are doing, but collecting information, somewhat like an Smart phone app you already know - Shazam! They would know what Broadway Songs you like, Musicals, Movies, TV shows, You Tube videos.. you are watching and so on.

The future is here. We just have to know how to use the features to better our lives, and know the potential hazards of allowing apps to collect our information. Information that can even now come from your smart phone microphone or camera lens. Your smart phone camera lens will be next, just like Google Glasses. If you were at The Hermitage Museum in Russia, looking at a Pablo Picasso, Google Glasses can give you a description of the exact Picasso painting. What pictures you captured in your Smart Phone lens will be next. Like Google Glasses technology Facebook apps will someday give you a Name, an Address, a Description of the Actor, Song, Book... What you capture through sound or camera will be used to market to you.

Many may not embrace the new technology that is already here. Remember when your Grandparents wouldn't use an ATM? Maybe even you won't make that bank deposit with cash! Broadway Global understands the importance of global media. Global media as we know of today will change over night. The flow of instant information could be right in front of your eyes, or Google Glasses, or new Facebook app. Now what we see and hear needs to have safety measures set up! Just because you could give a Wiki detailed description from your microphone or camera from captured media, doesn't always mean every detail is correct. Broadway Global loves the fact that if you like Stephen Sondheim, Alan Menken or any artists all of their musical songs, books, works could be attached to the captured microphone sound or photo.

The days of sifting through record albums, card catalogs are over. The captured logo of a Broadway show, or song will allow you to find the artist you adore. We know this story is going to shock many of you. "Artists Unions need to take in what is here and what is to come, so that they may use new technology to keep artists employed and patrons informed." Theatre Chat. When you share this article link through social media, please post what you like about this technology and what scares you the most about it. Your comments may be spotlighted in a Broadway Global follow up exclusive.

What I love most about this article is this, yes even I can make mistakes on instant technology. When posting the story I left the the "t" from the headline in the word Listening. So many will see the spelling mistake until they click on the link and see the correction. This goes right along with how can we make sure what we see and hear has the correct information attached? What I find interesting is this, when I do make a spelling mistake it is sure to be shared on global media, so we all win.