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Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Work Great For Eyelash Thickening and Growing?

It has been said time and again that the first thing people see when they look at you are your eyes. It's no wonder why women have worked on making their lashes look thicker and longer. This subtle change has a dramatic effect on your face. People may not react to it immediately, but when you have long lashes, you'll look more feminine and feel more beautiful.

So, if you can't afford those eyelash extensions or the bottles that thicken your eyelashes, you can always turn to extra virgin olive oil. Plus, this herbal product is available practically everywhere. Check out your grocery and you'll have an entire shelf of olive oil brands.

It's all in the Oil

So, if you want to add some zing into your looks, all you need is a tiny bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Do you find this hard to believe? Check out natural eyelash enhancer on the net and you'll come across sites that talk about olive oil. Plus, it's so much cheaper than the lengthening formulas sold. In fact, one tiny bottle costs you anywhere from $100 to $300. If you're trying to be savvier with your expenses, then this is a definite no-no. Well, beauty doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, experts have preached about how Mother Nature has everything you need. The problem is that you don't know what ingredients to look for.

A bottle of extra virgin olive oil shouldn't cost you more than $10. Isn't that a more practical solution? Any brand will do, even the cheapest one. As long as it says 'extra virgin' on the bottle, then you've got the right one.

What to Do

Unlike eyelash formulas, the effects of extra virgin olive oil take longer to show. Still, that shouldn't matter because the end goal is to have fuller, thicker lashes, which is exactly what you're going to get (give or take a few weeks). Just follow these steps accordingly and stun people with how much better you look:

  1. Wash your first clean before you sleep. You can always do the entire process in the morning, but what you're trying to do here is avoid that oily look.
  2. Put on moisturizer or whatever it is you use before you sleep.
  3. Set aside a bowl or any kind of container and some cotton buds. You only need around five drops for this.
  4. Get a bud and dip it in oil. Make sure the cotton doesn't absorb too much or the oil ends up dripping on the rest of your face.
  5. Dab the end of the bud on your lashes. Make sure the oil doesn't enter and irritate your eyes. If this happens, wash the area with soap and water before repeating the process.
  6. Cover as much of the area as possible.
  7. Allow the oil to dry and sleep.
  8. Wash your face when you wake up and go about your normal morning routine.

The Result

Most eyelash enhancing products say that olive oil gives results after several weeks. As mentioned earlier, don't expect immediate changes. Nonetheless, many can attest to the fact that's it just as effective, and the best part about it is that it doesn't put a dent in your budget. Do this every day and within two months, you'll notice the improvement. Your lashes will be a few centimeters longer. It's hard to believe, but for a few dollars, you certainly have nothing to lose. More importantly, many people can attest to the fact that you get to reap the benefits so long as you stick to the routine. In the end, you'll simply come to realize the multiple wonders of extra virgin olive oil!

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