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Is Esther Schmucker, 'Amish Mafia', back with boyfriend who viciously beat her?

According to Fox 43, Esther Schmucker, from the hit TV reality show, "Amish Mafia" may be back with her abusive boyfriend. A Lieutenant with the Manheim Township Police Department said that when law enforcement responded to two calls of a domestic disturbance at Esther’s Lancaster home. Once on Jan. 31, 2014 and then again on Feb. 21, 2014. When the police arrived, they found Imir R. Williams, a.k.a. 'Mirkat,' inside.

Esther Schmucker
Discovery Channel

Imir viciously beat Esther in the face last year on Halloween night. The rapper boyfriend fractured her cheekbone, broke her nose and many of her teeth. Esther had to endure several cosmetic surgeries to fix the damages he inflicted. Esther pressed charges against Imir and he was charged with felony aggravated assault. He was ordered to stay away from Esther and have no contact with her. Esther took to her Facebook page, shortly after that incident. She wanted to help other women of domestic violence escape. However, if Esther has taken Imir back, she is no longer in a position to help other abused women. Her message will be to take the abuser back.

Esther’s attorney, Steven Breit, said, "I'm disappointed, but I'm not really surprised. It's very likely that the person that's been abused will end up going back to the abuser."

Licensed professional counselor, Paul West said that Esther’s behavior of taking Imir back is typical. When someone is abused, they want to believe that the person who hurt them is sorry and can change. They want to believe the promise that he or she will never do it again. Paul said that their behavior can change for a while, but something often triggers the abusive behavior to resurface.

Steven Breit said to Fox 43, “I have been in direct contact with not only the discovery channel but also the producers of the show. And they’ve assured me that this situation will have no bearing or effect on how this show is being produced, how it’s being displayed and how it’s being aired for the public to view.”

According to Lancaster Online, District Attorney Craig Stedman wasn't surprised that Esther took Imir back. “She had an opportunity to help us in the fight against domestic violence. If in fact, she failed to cooperate with the police, it certainly does not send a helpful message.”

"Amish Mafia" is in its third season. The show airs on the Discovery Channel, Tuesday, at 8 p.m. central.

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