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Is Eric Cantor's defeat indicative of GOP demise?

Eric Cantor stated on his first live network interview since last week's election, that he was "absolutely shocked" at Virginia's primary election result. Cantor appeared on ABC's, "This Week" Sunday, apparently in disbelief of his defeat from challenger, David Brat's, 55.5 percent to Cantor's 44.5 percent, primary election result.

Is this an isolated election result or is this a weakness of GOP leadership?

Eric Cantor had become unpopular in his district, not just of amnesty, but ignoring his supporters on various issues like gun rights and immigration. Cantor became an inside man in Congress, with allegiance to big money donors. He scored big with lobbyists, but scored poorly with voters in his district.

Virginia polls revealed 72 percent of voters in Cantor's district supported securing the borders, blocking employers from illegal hiring practices, and allowing undocumented immigrants without criminal backgrounds, a path to gain legal status. This is the central substance of immigration reform, so it wasn't just an immigration issue alone that brought Cantor down.

So called, Red States are showing cracks in their armor as polls reveal other GOP incumbents and noted members are not measuring up favorably for upcoming elections.

Many GOP members had taken for granted their responsibilities as public servants to the American people. Its a job, like reporting to any other job. Take for example; if GOP and Democrats had merged from two big automobile companies to build cars together and the CEO was Democrat as well as African American, the objective would undoubtedly be to build cars as one company. But, GOP decides they have qualms with the CEO and show up to work without performing their responsibility of building cars. They read children's books, point at those on the assembly line, yelling, 'its not how they would build the car', but offer no schematics or plans of production, and shut down the line of production because they want to filibuster. These workers may eventually find themselves at another line, the unemployment line.

The events of today's world are coming at warp speed, at times toxic or explosive and therefore, excellent leadership is imperative. With only some hands on deck, that "auto company " could possibly roll out defective products and those who choose not to use their skills will be held accountable.

If Cantor's defeat is an isolated event, then incumbents of both parties can run on their own merits. If his defeat is indicative of GOP leadership, then that party may see some undesirable midterm results.

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