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Is Ed dead at Dispatch? FitzG punks Columbus newspaper for blatant Kasich bias

April Fool's Day, courtesy of Team Ed FitzGerald.
April Fool's Day, courtesy of Team Ed FitzGerald.
FitzG punks Columbus Dispatch

According to reports last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich's Vegas vacation to pander to casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson was more a demonstration of what lengths he'll go to court right-wing, deep-pocketed donors to further his political reelection campaign this year, and maybe his aspirations in 2016 as GOP presidential timbre, than the lengths he's traveled back home to help middle-income workers as much as he has the wealthiest Buckeyes, who have benefited tremendously from tax shifting.

Is Ed dead at the Dispatch? This report on FitzGerald saying he's for working class helps answer that question.
John Michael Spinelli

From it's constant fawning over John Kasich as the new messiah of reform, The Columbus Dispatch, billings itself as "Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper," has shown time and time again that it's totally in the tank for Gov. John Kasich, it repeated castigation of Ed FitzGerald, Kasich's endorsed Democratic gubernatorial challenger, is unmistakable and undeniable.

Even at press gatherings, it's not unusual for Dispatch reporters to frame their questions around Kasich talking points, as happened yesterday at a press conference at the Statehouse by local elected officials, calling on Gov. Kasich and the GOP-led legislature to restore local funding it withheld to balance the state budget. Officials were told that Kasich says there are some cities running surpluses. The response to the reporter was to ask for the number and names of those cities, in order to investigate the validity of the claim that local government funding cuts produce surpluses for cities.

In the spirit of April Fool's day yesterday, Team FitzGerald sent a parody out to some reporters that took the CD to task for its blatant bias toward FitzGerald, Executive for Cuyahoga County, who formerly was an FBI special agent, small town mayor and assistant county prosecutor.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the recipients of Team FitzG's email on April Fool's Day, didn't print all the mocked up dig at the Dispatch. Here it is:

APRIL 1, 2014



There comes a time if the life of an editorial board for an assessment and introspection. And for us as leaders in Greater Columbus to answer some pertinent questions, one of the most important being, do the editorial positions championed by this board serve a greater purpose? Is it enough for us to pat each other on the back after a particularly nasty editorial? And is our snark and contempt for competing ideas a positive form of public discourse?

So upon reflection we collectively have come to the realization our dismissiveness, utter contempt for civil discourse and respectful disagreement does not serve our readers. In retrospect, we now see our past behavior as rather embarrassing.

With that, this editorial board realizes it must turn the page – enter the 21st century, do away with using carbon paper for our editorial drafts, reject our extreme and intolerant positions we previously stood for and instead serve as a champion for those not in power rather than the voice for those who are.

This decision doesn’t come without consequences, some will say we have been co-opted by the mainstream media, that we are abandoning our conservative principles because they aren’t in vogue or popular, that because, the vast majority of our readers are not so deeply conservative and out of touch, we must change. That is not the case. We simply have come to realize that the extreme right wing positions we have espoused for almost 145 years are simply wrong. And that those policies we have championed have done more damage to middle class families than we can ever fully apologize for.

That is why a break with tradition is needed and what better way to shed the animosity and nastiness of our past, than with a passionate, full-throated and positive endorsement of ED FITZgERALD for Governor.

And in the spirit of our new approach – we will not reflect on the policies of Governor Kasich that have placed a greater burden on the middles class to the benefit of the very wealthy, we will not criticize his approach to women’s health that is rooted more in a 1914 worldview than 2014, and we will refrain from pointing out that his income tax cuts are really just tax shifting and place a disproportionate burden on those living pay check to pay check.

No it is ED FITZgERALD who has what it takes to get Ohio working for ALL of its residents. It is Fitz who has a plan to ensure our kids enter first grade ready to learn, it is Fitz that will hold failing for profit charter schools accountable and it is Fitz who has the independence and leadership to take Ohio in a positive new direction. A Fitz administration will be a breath of fresh air – with a renewed focus on what works for all Ohioans rather that what works for a few.

It is clear, ED FITZgERALD for GOVERNOR is the change Ohio needs.

An April Fools Parody Paid for by Friends of FitzGerald-Neuhardt

As recently as Sunday, March 16, an address Ed FitzGerald delivered at a Ohio State Democratic Party event held in Columbus the night before was placed on page six of the Dispatch's Metro and State section, top of the page next to the obituary section.

One journalist observed that the Columbus Dispatch has given Gov. Kasich totally positive coverage on both the editorial page and the front page, starting with his campaign in 2010 and continuing to today.

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