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Is Drudge Report 'toying' with Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton?

Feud? Drudge Report, Matt Drudge Hillary Clinton
Feud? Drudge Report, Matt Drudge Hillary Clinton
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The Drudge Report popped up with a trio of Clinton headlines on Friday, presenting three true but negative portrayals. It happened following Hillary Clinton's criticism that Drudge's political game included deliberately crafting headlines in such a way that unflattering and untrue impressions emerge.

Hillary supporters agree Hillary is right on that "Drudge took it to the next level" by asking if Hillary was using a walker when she appeared on a People magazine cover leaning on what turned out to be a chair. Over at Politico, following Hillary's claim that Matt Drudge and Karl Rove were both "gamers," the writer thought that Hillary was challenging Drudge and Rove to "bring it on."

Perhaps in the spirit of "bringing it," the first Clinton link on the Drudge Report page leading up to Fathers Day weekend, evoked politically raw memories of Bill Clinton as a poor example to young people because of his scandalous affair with a young intern, Monica Lewinsky. The headline read: "Chelsea: Dad's 'actions taught me the importance of doing right.'"

The next headline, "'Green Smoothie Cleanse' tops Hillary on the Amazon list," indicated that the sale of Hillary's new book, "Hard Choices," was bested by a book of detox, cleansing recipes to help folks lose weight. The comparison subtly raised the idea women are more interested in their health and body image than in breaking "glass ceilings." That bit of Drudge news came after the revelation that the price of Hillary's book had been slashed 40 percent.

The final Drudge Report link, "'Ready for Hillary' bus breaks down," could be interpreted to mean incompetence, as if Hillary's presidential campaign isn't ready to roll. It followed to an article reporting that the bus, belonging to a PAC supporting Hillary, appeared to be under repair in front of a book store scheduled for a Hillary stop to sell her books. Officially, Hillary has not announced she is running for president in 2016. The driver of the bus shared that Hillary had never been a passenger.

Of note, most folks would rather be "gamed" than "toyed with," because the latter implies a higher level of contempt for the target, in this case Hillary. Clinton is considered to be so vindictive by some that close associates of Obama warned him to "hire a food taster" when he added Hillary to his cabinet. Some have even mentioned a Clinton enemy list on which one could suppose Matt Drudge's name might appear.

However the idea that Drudge should be forewarned in the event Hillary becomes the next president and will "behave" is unlikely. More to the point: What happens when Drudge stops merely "toying" with Hillary, and gets serious?

Hillary has made some stumbles on her book tour, including a description that she and Bill left the White House, "dead broke." Today, the Drudge Report is featuring a headline, "Kathleen Willey: Let me tell you about 'dead broke.'"

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